Our Team

Dave Lau

IT Consulting Services • Head of Business – Links Technologies

Hong Kong
+852 3915 0234

With years of experience in IT consultancy and IT professional & Managed services, Dave is a seasoned professional specialised in dealings with BFSI. He has a successful track record in helping major clients from BFSI launch IT projects through different perspectives and is always acknowledged by clients as an outstanding partner with a strong IT viewpoint.

Dave places 100% effort in working with clients. He is involved with planning, conducting market research, and full implementation of various IT projects. He aims to lead, execute, and add value in the end-to-end execution of contracting job orders, building strong and trusted relationships.

Dave’s knowledge does not end in IT consultancy, as he also has an extensive understanding of HR management such as payroll, labour laws, and C&B. In his previous experience, he participated in the full recruitment process, giving him excellent hands-on experience.