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Payoneer is one of the clients of Links International.
‘Major Contender’ for Everest Group’s Multi-Country Payroll (MCP) Solutions PEAK Matrix® Assessment

Links Ranked a ‘Major Contender’ by Everest Group

Links International was ranked as a ‘Major Contender’ for Everest Group’s Multi-Country Payroll (MCP) Solutions PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021 in Links’ first year of participation in the research.

Highlights from the Assessment:

  • 100% in-country support across Asia with no dependence on third-party partners for services
  • Highly integrative technology – Links’ platform integrates seamlessly with clients existing office applications or global HCMs
  • All-in-one payroll solution featuring consolidated reporting, smart payroll dashboard capabilities, and multi-country payroll, leave and benefits management
  • Mobile-first approach with a modern and simple UI
  • Robust and scalable payroll solution with the best-in-class HR experience for employees


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Elevate Your Role with Links Payroll Outsourcing Services

Want to focus on strategic functions that aid business growth? Learn how Links Payroll Outsourcing can help reduce HR costs with our stress-free payroll services.

ISO 27001 Compliant & Secure HR Outsourcing

We know information security is critical to your business. To give you an extra level of reassurance our HR Outsourcing services are audited and certified for the ISO 27001 information security standard. For added security, our HR systems are also penetration tested with an ISO 27001 and SSAE16 compliant hosting structure.

Links' HR Outsourcing services are audited and certified for the ISO 27001 information security standard.
Links International’s robust IT infrastructure, ISO 27001 compliant processes and Business Continuity Measures ensure that our clients have the highest level of information security.

One Solution for All Your HR & Payroll Needs

In the past, payroll processing services for multi-country organisations in Asia often involved using different payroll services and solutions individually for each location due to country-specific payroll rules, diverse language requirements and limited in-country support. Links One is designed to make managing payroll in Asia easy and effective, a cloud-based payroll solution that consolidates and integrates multi-country payroll management and reporting needs.

Links One harnesses the power of multi-country payroll management. Links One can centralise your payroll data from different locations into a single dashboard for reporting purposes. Links Integration Hub helps consolidate data from different locations by automatically formatting data into a standardised form so you can easily report, compare, and evaluate.

Want to Grow Your Business Strategically?

Learn how to streamline your payroll operations with our HR Outsourcing and HR Payroll Services. Schedule a quick call with one of our HR specialists today.

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Simplify Your Regional Payroll

Have a regional operation? Partner with a reliable international payroll provider!

Links One is Asia’s leading regional HR and Payroll Dashboard Solution that caters to all your HR and payroll operations across Asia.

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