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Improve Your HR Reporting & HR Analytics in Macau

Need at-a-glance insights into what’s happening in your workforce? Links People Analytics provides you with cloud-based, mobile-friendly HR analytics dashboards for all your HR metrics and business intelligence needs. A powerful human resources management system, Links People Analytics elevates your HR function by giving you the information you need to make the right decisions the first time. Upgrade your HR reporting and HR analytics overnight by using Links International’s plug and play Links People Analytics service in Macau now.

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Links People Analytics

Links People Analytics enables your HR team to make a difference in the business by providing all the HR analytics you need on a single easy-to-read and customizable dashboard. Watch the video to learn more now.

Want to Simplify Your HR and Payroll?

Links One is Asia’s leading regional HR and Payroll Dashboard Solution that caters to all your HR and payroll requirements across Asia.

When is Links People Analytics Useful?

Almost any company can benefit from using Links People Analytics as an effective all-in-one human resource management system Situations where adopting outsourced HR Analytics is particularly useful include:
You already have an existing HRIS, HCM, database or HR spreadsheet, but you need better cloud-based and mobile-friendly HR reporting and dashboards that show your key HR metrics
You are already using payroll outsourcing services in Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Taiwan or elsewhere in Asia and have limited HR reporting (unfortunately unbelievably common!)
You don’t have any human resource management system, analytical resource or capability in your HR department.
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What Key HR Metrics Can be Pulled?


After adopting an HR Analytics as a Service model, you will have access to quality, modern HR reporting and HR analytics. Other than easy to access HR reports, one of the most useful features is setting alerts for unusual activities and occurrences. For example, you can set alerts for headcount increases, salary caps, high leave balances or high resignation levels, which will let you know about any significant changes happening in your workforce, without having to manually check your reporting. In so doing, you can free yourself from administrative monitoring and focus on strategic activities that will make a difference to your business.

In terms of reporting, common key HR metrics we help clients measure and report on include:

  • Staff headcount and staff turnover
  • Reason for termination
  • Number of terminations
  • Gender, culture and age diversity
  • Sick leave trends over time
  • Training/CPD adoption over time
  • Employees in each location by skill type
  • Company salary cost over time
  • Salary cost by type of pay item
  • Staff turnover rate
You can access Links' HR Analytics on mobile devices anytime and anywhere, which is effective and convenient.