5 Reasons to use a headhunter

You have worked extremely hard and have been promoted to Head of Function in your current organisation. You have had a good few years with the business and achieved a lot in your position and you are now looking for your next opportunity – exciting times!

Over the course of your career, you have prided yourself at being very well networked in your function and have a good network at a regional level, but now you are Head of Function for the region and need to speak to hiring managers on a global level. You approach some of your network about new potential opportunities, but now your network are peers and the response is not too favorable. So what next?

An organisation’s greatest value is its people – its employees and, although there has recently been great progress in HR and recruitment technology with LinkedIn and other platforms, this is one of the situations where the specialised domain expertise of a excecutive headhunter can really make an impact.

A good headhunter is an import link in any company’s talent acquisition strategy, even if the company has a strong employee referral programme and in-house recruitment team. There will be those occasions where a company will create a new role for the right person, need someone with niche skills, or have an employer brand that means they can’t attract the right candidate. It’s at times like these when it truly pays to speak to an executive headhunter.

Below are 5 reasons why you should use a good headhunter:

1. Extended Network

Headhunters will focus on a particular industry sector, function or both and have extensive knowledge in their area of expertise. Executive headhunters are obsessive networkers and meet a lot of people. They will research and map organisations in order to understand the culture, business model and structure of the function. They will know which companies are growing and which organisations are going through change in order to help you identify opportunities that will meet with your career development.

2. Confidential Searches

Some job searches also require a great deal of discretion. You may be interested in working for a direct competitor, for example, and don’t want to risk your professional integrity. Headhunters can present your profile confidentially, therefore protecting your identity and minimising the risk of exposure. A lot of organisations will also use a headhunter for confidential searches. By working with selected headhunters, you will have access to positions that are not readily available in the market.

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3. Reputation

A headhunter stakes his or her reputation on the candidates they are introducing and recommending. A good headhunter will have longevity and track record in the market. They won’t want to lose and will present your details in the best possible light. Employers will usually look more favorably towards a candidate that has been professionally recommended, especially if the headhunter has a track record with the business, which might open doors that are not available through traditional channels.

4. Honest Feedback

An important part of a headhunter’s career is to give honest feedback and career advice. Executive headhunters
can advise you on where you benchmark against other candidates in the market. They can also help you work on your strengths and weaknesses, give you constructive feedback on your interview techniques and CV, and coach you through the process to position yourself best in the market based on your current values and abilities.

5. Proactive on your behalf

Headhunters have not only developed a network of clients and candidates over the years within your specific industry sector or functional expertise, but they will also be hearing market information that is not readily available. If you’re a good candidate, they will work proactively on your behalf, working with you to identify companies that share your values, where you will be a good cultural fit, and offer you the career development you are looking for. They will then map the market, researching the decision-makers and approaching companies on your behalf, saving you time in identifying and following up with potential employers.

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