Employee engagement tools – 8 tips to show you appreciate your employees

In order to be a successful company, it is crucial to have good manpower.

In order to have good manpower, it’s essential to have great employee engagement. Motivated employees who think positively will pass on their enthusiasm to clients, and clients are more likely to engage your company’s services if they are served by passionate employees.

In order to achieve employee engagement, we need to appreciate our employees, keeping them enthusiastic and motivated. We don’t need to spend a huge amount of money on employee engagement tools, as sometimes it’s the little things that matter. Below are some ideas you can take on board to keep your employees happy:

1. Show interest in your employees’ professional development

  • You can find out about an employee’s professional development not only during their performance review, but also from casually chatting with the employee.
  • Listen to their development goals.
  • It may seem difficult to achieve these goals, but we can show interest in their goals and think of similar developments that they might be interested in too.

2. Send thank you notes to employees

  • Acknowledge when they have done something that helped you and send them a simple thank you card with a simple message.
  • You can send the card to their home address, as this shows the effort that the company is trying to put in to recognise their hard work.

3. Offer immediate praise

  • We don’t need to wait until an employee’s performance review in order to praise them for their hard work; we should praise them immediately once they have achieved a certain goal.
  • Praise the hardworking employee in front of their team, so that they can also offer praise and the employee can take pride in being recognised for their achievements.

4. Suggestions/ideas for the team

  • Encourage your employees to focus on ideas that would benefit their team and support their role.
  • From a management perspective, this is a useful tool to improve the employees’ productivity.
  • From the employee’s perspective, they will be happy if the company chooses to adopt their ideas.
  • If employees are shy to share their ideas verbally, you could have a suggestions box, although the most effective way would be to create an atmosphere in which the employees feel comfortable enough to share their ideas verbally and personally.
  • You can also encourage your employees to share their ideas about smaller things, such as suggesting the venue for your next company outing, or even volunteering to help plan the event. It is more beneficial for the company to do something that is preferred by the employees.

5. ‘Best Employee’ award programme

  • Ask your employees to vote for who they think is the best employee. This can be done monthly, quarterly or even annually.
  • Have a board in the office where you can display a photo of the winner.
  • Offer the winner a small token gift such as a shopping voucher, or let them leave work a few hours early.
  • You could arrange a lunch for the best employee and the CEO of the company, in order to make them feel that they are important.

6. Incentives for other employees

  • Apart from the best employee, the company should also reward those employees who consistently do their job well. It is not always easy to find good and committed employees.

7. Support flexibility

  • If the employee has an urgent family issue that needs to be addressed, encourage their manager to make an arrangement to allow the employee to attend to their family.

8. Celebrate birthdays

  • Set up a reminder for each employee’s birthday and make a point of saying ‘happy birthday’ and celebrating with a birthday cake, or a birthday lunch. If there are a lot of employees with a birthday in the same month, you can do a joint celebration for all of them.

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