HR Tech: A Checklist to Choose the Right HR Software & Vendor Partner

Redundant HR procedures and tedious administrative tasks can cost your business unnecessary expenses, employee morale, reduction in productivity, and more. With the increasing reliance on technology and automation, implementing effective tools and finding the right HR systems or HR solution have been a huge focus for HR professionals.

Take a closer look at the HR platform

With a plethora of Human Resource Management (HRM) platforms and systems available in the market, choosing the right tools for your business can make or break the daily operations along with staff morale, productivity, and ultimately business profitability. If your company is searching for an HRM system, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration.


While there are many all-in-one platforms, you may want to take a closer look into whether the system covers specific HR modules, like payroll, leave management, time and roster management, and recruitment processes, that are essential to your business.

Security and Compliance

Security is of utmost importance when it comes to any cloud-based systems or HR tech. With countries having different personal data privacy policies, it is crucial to check whether the system you are about to deploy complies with the local regulations.

Cybersecurity is an ongoing process, so a system should be tested through vulnerability and penetration testing regularly to ensure resilience and prevent threats. With remote work being the trend, authorised persons should also be able to access the database and system securely while working from home. Look for security features such as single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

HR Needs

A good HRM system should be customisable to support your organisation’s needs and enable automation of core HR processes. Many HR software often also offers customisable reporting and analytics for workforce planning, auditing, and other business-related goals. Some HR platforms can integrate easily and centralise data with other global HCM systems such as Workday and SuccessFactors. Users will no longer need to hop between different systems, making managing, tracking, and data analysis as simple as can be.

One of the many benefits of adopting a cloud-based HR system is the ability to centralise data in a unified database, where your HR team is able to manage all employee information and most HR functions via a single platform. This would be particularly useful for managing multi-country HR.

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The goal of deploying any HR tech or third-party solutions is to help your employee work smarter and streamline HR functions. A user-friendly HR software should not take your employees hours to figure out how to use. Instead, they should present a simple and intuitive user interface that even your less tech-savvy employees can enjoy a streamlined, hassle-free experience.

  • Ability to integrate with other HR solution

Integrations with other commonly used corporate software, such as messaging and email applications, expense management tools, and other third-party HR systems can streamline relevant processes and enhance productivity.

  • Work with the right vendor

In order to allow in-house HR departments to focus on more strategic functions, businesses of all sizes seek help from HR solutions vendors, whether it is to supply HR software, payroll outsourcing, or all-inclusive solutions – with the extensive range of HR tech and systems out there. Here is what you’d want to pay attention to before engaging an HR vendor and how they can make HR functions hassle-free for your company:

  • What experience does the vendor have?
    • Talk to your prospective HR vendor about your business goals and desired outcomes. An experienced HR vendor will take a good look at the issues that are being faced and should be able to provide professional advice and insights and recommend customised HR solutions which may include HR outsourcing services and cloud-based HR solution. This saves companies a lot of time when it comes to researching different HR tech solutions, and in many cases, these same HR vendors will also train company employees on how to use the new systems and tools acquired.

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  • How reliable is the vendor?
    • Rolling out any new systems at the workplace could be faced with questions and obstacles concerning acceptance. A seasoned HR solution vendor should be available to help you at every stage of the implementation process and continue to provide expert help when encountering complex problems.
  • Is the solution they are offering going to streamline your HR functions?
    • In addition to centralising all your HR data, features such as a customisable dashboard and a consolidated reporting function will allow your HR team to handle HR-related administration more efficiently. Offering your employees with a self-service platform will further free up your HR team by allowing employees to have round-the-clock access to HR documents, such as payslips, forms and taxation documents, manage or modify their own data and perform other administrative tasks such as applying for leave and expenses reimbursements. On the other hand, due to the sensitive nature of people services, compliance, security, and integrity concerning how your data is handled by a vendor should also be reviewed.
  • Is there in-country support?
    • Imagine finding the ideal solution, only to find out later that the vendor’s expertise applies mostly outside your region, where the legal requirements and standard HR practices are different from where your business is. Or when you have a burning HR issue or system error, you find out they are in the middle of a week-long national holiday which does not coincide with your business days and hours. These are only a few examples illustrating why having in-country support from your vendor is crucial.

How can Links International help you?

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