Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use the Links One Portal

Links One enables HR teams and Employees to access all of their payroll, leave and benefit needs across in one easy to use a cloud-based solution.  The below videos provide a quick overview of how to use Links One and all of its features. Learn how to log in for the first time, access your payslips, tax information, and more.  Scroll down for a list of Links One tutorial videos.

Links One is also available on mobile. Download our Links One App today for any time, anywhere access to Links One!


Links One - Video Manual : Staff Login

Access Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal via domain server IP/ Cloud link. Enter your login name and password, then press “Login”.

For first time logins, an email notification will be sent to your email once HR has created your HR Portal account.

Change Password

It is recommended to change your login password on a regular basis to ensure personal information security.

Step 1: After logging in, click your name on the top right corner à click “Profile”

Step 2: Enter the old password and new password and click “Save”


Forget Password

Step 1: If you’ve forgotten your password simply click “Forgot your password?”

Step 2: Input your ‘Work’ or ‘Personal’ Email Address and click “Send”.  (Please do not input your phone number).  Note if you do not have a work email, please use your personal email address.

An automated email with a new email will be sent to your inbox.

Single Payslip Download

Step 1: To generate and review the payslip, please go to “My Payslip”.

Step 2: Click on the payment slip icon and a new window will be open.

Step 3: To download the payslip, click “Download” to generate PDF format and save it.


Multiple Payslip Download

For multiple payslip download, after clicking into “My Payslips”,  simply select the various payslips then click “Download Selected”.

Tax Form and Year-to-date Report

To generate and review the IR56B tax form (or equivalent) and YTD report, please go to My Taxation.

Click on the tax form icon and a new window will be open automatically. To download, click “Download” to generate PDF document.


Apply for Leave

To apply for leave go to the “My Leave” section on the side menu. Click “Apply for Leave” or click directly on the desired date on the calendar. Under “Leave Type” select the type of leave you would like to apply for, then specify the start and end times and press “Submit”. Options to include additional remarks and supplementary files are also available if necessary.

Your leave balance can be seen on the same page or under the “My Leave Balance” section. You may go to “My Leave Application” to check, cancel, or dismiss pending leave applications.

Managing the Team's Leave

Managers can go to “My Teams Leave” to manage their team’s leave applications.

This can be done in the “Leave Approval” section. You have the option of filtering queries by their leave type, employee, date, and more. You can also access more details by clicking “Detail”, pulling up a window where you can either “Approve” or “Reject” leave.

Going to the “Leave Approval History” section will also give you more information about past applications.


Want to Simplify Your HR and Payroll?

Frequently Asked Questions

Links International is solely Asia focused. We cover Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, India, Myanmar and the Philippines.

Our typical headcount ranges anywhere from 1 to 20,000 employees. We cover a broad range of industries, including private banks, hedge funds, retail institutions, law firms, IT and technology firms, from start-ups to MNCs. We have extensive experience across a variety of different headcounts and industries, meaning we are highly familiar with the localisation required for each and every client.

Our standard payroll pricing will be determined by headcount, complexity, special requirements, and service scope required. We offer three tiers of service: Links Compliance, Links Assurance and Links Complete HR. For more details about what is included in each one, visit our pricing page.

We offer a broad range of services, ranging from retained, contingent and contract recruitment, to payroll and visa processing, which are designed to cover all aspects of your human resources processes, enabling your team to focus on higher value, strategic activities.

Each client will be serviced by 3 payroll specialists at any given point, to ensure that there is sufficient coverage and we are able to respond to day-to-day matters and queries as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Our payroll specialists are all highly experienced consultants with a full spectrum of localised knowledge.

The security of payroll clients’ information is critical to Links’ business.  Accordingly, Links has a high standard of security measures and processes which have been critically reviewed and approved by a number of Links’ existing clients.  Links’ security measures include:

  • All payroll data being secured on a dedicated server in Links’ Hong Kong datacentre – payroll data can only be accessed remotely via VPN from Links’ office
  • Access to payroll information limited to Links HR Outsourcing staff
  • Dedicated database for each client and use of ethical walls
  • Onsite CCTV and security system
  • Appropriate policies and plans including Links’ Information Security Policy, Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Continuity Plans.

The timeframe for setting up a client’s payroll ranges from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity and headcount. Links will work together with the client under our implementation phase to outline the necessary information required through various templates.

Links provides employee self-service through our HR Portal, which comes as part of the standard service. Our HR Portal allows easy access for employees to apply for annual leave, retrieve their pay slips, access their tax reports and submit their expenses at their own convenience – anywhere, anytime.

The two most common approaches are for clients to either pay their employees directly, or pay their employees indirectly via Links. If a client wishes to pay their employees directly, Links will calculate the client’s payroll and generate a bank file for the client to upload and execute payment. If a client wishes to pay their employees indirectly, the client can arrange payment of the salaries to Links and we will execute payment to the client’s employees. There are also various alternatives in between these options which we are happy to work through during implementation.

Links’ payroll outsourcing benefits you in the following ways:

  • Elevate your role
  • Reduce HR and IT costs
  • Stress-free payroll and HR support
  • Innovative HR experience
  • In-depth HR reporting

Want to Outsource Your Payroll?

Want to focus on strategic functions that aid business growth? Learn how Links Payroll Outsourcing can help reduce HR costs with our stress-free payroll services.