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Applying Training Employment Pass in Singapore?

Are you required to undertake training in Singapore or looking to expand your skill sets here?

Singapore Training Employment Pass allows foreigners to receive work training in Singapore.

Training Work Permit & Temporary Work Permit Singapore

The Singapore Training Employment Pass is a visa intended for an employee or foreign students to come to Singapore for short-term training.

Want to know how to apply for the Singapore training Employment Pass? At Links International, Hong Kong’s leading HR recruitment and outsourcing agency, we can help employers and employees file for a Singapore Training Employment Pass.

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Who Can Apply for Singapore Training Employment Pass?

Eligible foreign students or foreign trainees who want to undergo training in Singapore.

Employers must be the ones applying for the Training Employment Pass or work permit. 

If you are a foreign student:

  • The training vocation in Singapore must be a required part of your studied course or degree 
  • You must be studying at a valid institution or earn a fixed monthly salary of at least $3,000.
  • You must be sponsored by a valid Singaporean company or firm registered locally.

If you are a trainee:

  • You must earn a fixed monthly salary of at least $3,000.
  • You must be sponsored by a valid Singaporean company or firm registered locally.
Foreign students or trainees are eligible to apply for Singapore Training Employment Pass.

Documents Needed for Training Visa Application

Personal particulars page of your passport.

A detailed valid training regime stating trainee’s objective, type of training, location, duration of training, etc.

Your academic and educational documents. If the candidate has not yet completed the course or if training is part of the course, please include an official letter from the educational institution.

All documents should be in English or translated into such.

Qualifications from India require transcripts and mark sheets

Qualifications from China require verification proof of diploma and education directly in English from sources such as Dataflow, China Higher Education Student Information Career Center or China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Information. Certification from notary public are not included in the list of eligible documentation

What are the Benefits of the Singapore Training Employment Pass?


There’s no set foreign worker levy or quota required for the Training Employment Pass.

You may receive training and reside in Singapore for up to three months. Singapore has many training and educational opportunities for you to expand your skill sets and knowledge, working and learning alongside a multicultural and diverse workforce.

With a Training Visa, you can receive training and reside in Singapore for up to three months
Links HR Outsourcing takes care of your Training Employment Pass procedure and renewal.

Application Process

The Singapore Training Employment Pass takes 3 weeks, from the day of application and documents received to process. The employer must apply on the candidate’s behalf. After successful application, you may get the pass issued, register your photo and fingerprints and collect your valid Singapore training pass or work permit.

Can I Renew My Application?

The Singapore Training Employment Pass is valid for up to 3 months. However, it cannot be renewed.

More Questions about Training Employment Pass?

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