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Nord Anglia Education

Client Profile

Nord Anglia Education is an international organisation with a family of 61 schools (and growing!) located across 28 countries worldwide. With a passion for education, they believe in “being ambitious”, urging students to stretch themselves to be the best that they can be and to make a difference for a better world

To manage its rapidly expanding business, Nord Anglia Education is centralising a number of its back-office functions. As part of the plan to move their headquarters back to the UK , their back-office functions in Hong Kong will also be relocated. As a result, 75 employees will be made redundant across the following functions:

  • Corp Development & Building
  • Education
  • Finance & Internal Audit
  • Human Resources
  • IT (information technology)
  • Legal
  • Marketing & Admission
  • General Management

With the upcoming redundancy of back-office employees, it was important for Nord Anglia Education to be a responsible employer by enabling their staff to make their next career transition, maintain morale and protect their employer brand.

It was also crucial for Nord Anglia Education to keep remaining both remaining and departing staff motivated, ensuring a seamless transition between their Hong Kong and London office. This meant the need to extend care for departing employees with the goal of securing their next opportunity within 3 months.

1st Session –Town Hall

Preparation for and delivery of Townhall session (1.5 hours) for 75 employees focused on reiterating NAE Group’s support and message, educating employees on various job searching tools. This included providing departing staff with a macro perspective on the current job market by function and how they could start thinking about their career transition.

To ensure unity, objectives of Outplacement services, communications, and presentations were agreed upon with NAE’s senior management and HR Team prior to the Townhall session.


2nd Session -Individual

All 75 employees were supplemented with individual counseling sessions (1 hour). The sessions were informed by surveys determining their core competencies. With the objective of preparing each individual with a better understanding of their career path, the sessions provided individuals with adequate career advice, connecting them with future opportunities via various channels.


3rd Session

In a final follow up session, our team undertook a one on one review on the current job search process and a one hour consultation on alternative options on the market providing departing staff with a greater overview of the market.


“I found the experience incredibly empowering. Links International played a significant role in helping me identify my skills and the areas I wanted to work in.”

Our partnership with Nord Anglia Education found a 97% success rate in connecting participants with a future opportunity, landing a job at a new organisation. Of all who participated, only 2 people have yet secured a job due to individual complications.

“We really valued the employees’ contributions and wanted to help our departing employees secure their next jobs using practical outplacement services and not just hold a ‘tick the box’ corporate exercise. The training and practical one on one sessions delivered by Links were the key difference that helped staff more clearly assess their future options and not only gave them clarity on where they could go, but also how to get there. I would highly recommend Links’ outplacement services to any other company facing a similar situation.”

Richard Feehan, Regional HR Director, Southeast Asia & Middle East Nord Anglia Education HK

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