Our PEO & EoR Service is the Fastest Way to Expand into Asia

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Payoneer is one of the clients of Links International.

Why High Growth Companies Use PEO/ EOR Secondment for Business Expansion

Looking to expand your business into Asia? Links International’s Employer of Record (EOR)/ Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) Secondment services is the most flexible and cost-effective to grow your business and employees. The advantage of Links PEO/ EoR secondment services includes:

19 Service Locations in Asia-Pacific

Expand your overseas workforce with Links Asia focused secondment & sourcing solution

• Hong Kong• Singapore• Macau• Dubai
• Shanghai• Zhuhai• Taiwan
• Malaysia• Vietnam• Thailand
• Japan• Australia• New Zealand
• Philippines• South Korea• Cambodia
• Myanmar• Indonesia• India

What is PEO/ EOR Secondment Service and how can it help your HR team?

With PEO/ EOR service, employees are hired on your behalf and seconded back to you under a special project agreement.

This solution massively simplifies global company expansions – letting the client hire staff immediately. Perform sales activities, market research, and kick-off the company in a location without setting up an entity in a new country.

Our service helps you get a team of employees on the ground and running without tying your company down with different local business entity regulations. Get in touch today to learn more about our project offerings.

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Need Help Hiring? Our Award-Winning Recruitment Team Can Help You Find the Right Talent for Your Workforce

If you are looking for a recruitment agency in Hong Kong, or if you are interested to know more about the hiring trends in your industry, contact us now for a chat.

What to Expect from Links Asia Pacific PEO/ EOR Secondment Services

  • check-mark_icon-2 Discuss terms of employment
  • check-mark_icon-2 Prepare employment contracts with contract staff
  • check-mark_icon-2 Handle pension fund enrollments and terminations
  • check-mark_icon-2 Administer employee/ employer contributions
  • check-mark_icon-2 Professional recruitment and sourcing support
  • check-mark_icon-2 Provide workers compensation insurance
  • check-mark_icon-2 Calculate employee salaries
  • check-mark_icon-2 Maintain employee salary records
  • check-mark_icon-2 Maintain and calculate annual leave
  • check-mark_icon-2 Calculate employee statutory sick leave
  • check-mark_icon-2 Maintain sick leave and unpaid leave records