Our PEO & EoR Service is the Fastest Way to Expand into Asia

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Advantages of Using PEO/ EOR Secondment for Business Expansion

Looking to expand your business into Asia? Links International’s Employer of Record (EOR)/ Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) Secondment services is the most flexible and cost-effective to grow your business and employees. The advantage of Links PEO/ EoR secondment services includes:

Want to Grow Your Business Strategically?

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What is PEO/ EOR Secondment?

PEO/ EOR involves a PEO service provider legally employing staff on your behalf and seconding them back to you under a services agreement (i.e. the PEO provider becomes your employer of record). This arrangement massively simplifies your expansion – enabling you to effectively hire staff immediately to perform your sales activities, market research, set-up activities without the need for the various costs, times, and commitment associated with setting up an entity.

Employer of Record (EOR) or Professional Employer Organisation (PEO)

Grow Your Business Without Limitations

Links Asia Pacific PEO/ EOR Secondment Process

PEO/ EOR provides clients with maximum flexibility. Removing the need for the administrative costs of maintaining a legal entity, a good EOR/ PEO service provider helps you save time so you can focus on business growth.

Planning to Expand Your Operations Overseas?

PEO/ EOR Secondment is Best Suited for Companies Expanding into APAC who:

  • Have no legal entity set up to hire staff in the area; or
  • Want to test the Asia Pacific market without making a relatively large commitment of minimum capital; or
  • Don’t have knowledge of Asia Pacific labour law and payroll rules; or
  • Want to avoid corruption-related incidents.

What to Expect from Links Asia Pacific PEO/ EOR Secondment Services

  • check-mark_icon-2 Discuss terms of employment
  • check-mark_icon-2 Prepare employment contracts with contract staff
  • check-mark_icon-2 Handle pension fund enrollments and terminations
  • check-mark_icon-2 Administer employee/employer contributions
  • check-mark_icon-2 Provide workers compensation insurance
  • check-mark_icon-2 Calculate employee salaries
  • check-mark_icon-2 Maintain employee salary records
  • check-mark_icon-2 Maintain and calculate annual leave
  • check-mark_icon-2 Calculate employee statutory sick leave
  • check-mark_icon-2 Maintain sick leave and unpaid leave records