Redeployment & Outplacement Counselling Services

Restructuring your company? Have an upcoming redundancy? Layoffs don’t just affect the people involved but also those who bear witness to them. From staff upskilling to outplacement counselling, safeguard your employer brand and ensure workforce stability during redeployments and redundancies with Links’ outplacement services.

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What is Outplacement?

Outplacement sometimes known as a career transition solution is a service employers can provide to outgoing employees affected by layoffs or reduction in force. It is a support service that helps displaced employees get back on their feet.

Our outplacement services assist workforce transitions through professional assessment, stakeholder management, and professional staff counselling. Outplacement support increases an organisation’s competitive edge, maximises the mobility level of departing staff, and reassures the people remaining in the company.


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Provide exiting employees with the right tools and resources via Links’ outplacement services. Help them immediately target their focus on their careers – rather than frustrations.

Why Leading Businesses Rely on Links Outplacement Services

Providing outplacement services to employees isn’t just a nice thing to do but a way to protect your employer brand and cut future hiring costs. In fact, 41% of remaining employees suffer a decline in job satisfaction and 36% become less committed (Deloitte Research).

Protect your brand and provide exiting staff with additional support. Reassure remaining employees to minimise workforce and efficiency disruptions. With over 20 years of HR excellence in Asia, Links has helped businesses save over HK$ 100 million in costs. Build a smooth transition today with Links Outplacement services.


Benefits include:

Don’t Let Today’s Decision to Layoff or Restructure Impact Your Future Workforce

Many leaders don’t realise the benefit of outplacement towards the company. By providing outplacement support, companies enjoy a smoother transition, mitigate legal disputes and communicate to internal staff their value, thereby reinforcing future and remaining workforce.

Did you know, a 1% downsize in the workforce leads to a 31% increase in voluntary turnover rate the following year (Harvard Business Review). Outplacement services should help leaders identify workforce inefficiencies and plan out a smooth exit strategy.


Best Suited for Companies that:

Start Your Layoff Planning Early

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