The Fastest Way to Expand into Asia

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Advantages of Using PEO/ EOR Secondment for Business Expansion

Looking to expand your business into Asia? Links International’s Employer of Record (EOR)/ Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) Secondment services is the most flexible and cost-effective to grow your business and employees. The advantage of Links PEO/ EoR secondment services includes:

Want to Grow Your Business Strategically?

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What is PEO/ EOR Secondment?

PEO/ EOR involves a PEO service provider legally employing staff on your behalf and seconding them back to you under a services agreement (i.e. the PEO provider becomes your employer of record). This arrangement massively simplifies your expansion – enabling you to effectively hire staff immediately to perform your sales activities, market research, set-up activities without the need for the various costs, times, and commitment associated with setting up an entity.

Employer of Record (EOR) or Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) is a good solution for your business expansion.

Grow Your Business Without Limitations

Links Asia Pacific PEO/ EOR Secondment Process

PEO/ EOR provides clients with maximum flexibility. Removing the need for the administrative costs of maintaining a legal entity, a good EOR/ PEO service provider helps you save time so you can focus on business growth.

Planning to Expand Your Operations Overseas?

PEO/ EOR Secondment is Best Suited for Companies Expanding into APAC who:

  • Have no legal entity set up to hire staff in the area; or
  • Want to test the Asia Pacific market without making a relatively large commitment of minimum capital; or
  • Don’t have knowledge of Asia Pacific labour law and payroll rules; or
  • Want to avoid corruption-related incidents.

What to Expect from Links Asia Pacific PEO/ EOR Secondment Services

  • check-mark_icon Discuss terms of employment
  • check-mark_icon Prepare employment contracts with contract staff
  • check-mark_icon Handle pension fund enrollments and terminations
  • check-mark_icon Administer employee/ employer contributions
  • check-mark_icon Provide workers compensation insurance
  • check-mark_icon Calculate employee salaries
  • check-mark_icon Maintain employee salary records
  • check-mark_icon Maintain and calculate annual leave
  • check-mark_icon Calculate employee statutory sick leave
  • check-mark_icon Maintain sick leave and unpaid leave records