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Applying Training Visa in Hong Kong?

Are you required to undertake training in Hong Kong or looking to expand your skill sets here?

Hong Kong Training Visa is a subcategory of the work visa, designed for people to receive work training in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Training Visa


A Hong Kong training visa application will grant the applicant a valid visa or entry permit to enter Hong Kong for a limited time period of not more than a year (12 months) of training. Such training undertaken will be to acquire special skill sets and knowledge that are specifically unavailable in that applicant’s host country or territory.

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HK Visa holders can now apply for extensions from offshore!

Can’t fly back to Hong Kong to renew your visa? The Hong Kong Immigration Department is now accepting return to Hong Kong applications from non-permanent residents outside of Hong Kong due to COVID-19. Contact us for more details on this.

Who Can Apply for Hong Kong Training Visa?


  • The Hong Kong training visa applicant should not have any criminal records or security objections 
  • The applicant must be of a sound educational background. It is preferable to have a relevant undergraduate degree or otherwise valid proof of other qualifications, certificates, abilities, achievements or work experience
  • The sponsoring company is registered and legitimate and capable of providing the respective training in Hong Kong for its employee 
  • There must be a valid employment contract signed between the sponsoring firm and the applicant of the Hong Kong training visa
  • The sponsoring company must guarantee in writing the repatriation of its employee after the employee receives training in Hong Kong until the end of the stated time period 
  • The proposed duration and premise of the training is justified
Links HR Outsourcing offers training visa application services to companies in Hong Kong.

Documents Needed for Training Visa Application

Application for Entry for Training in Hong Kong (ID 992A)

Passport – If currently in Hong Kong, a photocopy of passport page with latest arrival stamp/Hong Kong dependant visa extension stamp

A copy of your Hong Kong identity card (if any)

A copy of educational qualifications and relevant work experience

A copy of valid identification of overseas residence

For Macau residents only, a copy of your Macau identity card

For Taiwan residents only, a copy of your household registration in Taiwan and Taiwan identity card

Application for Entry for Training (Sponsor) in Hong Kong (ID 992B)

Photocopy of the Business Registration Certificate

A copy of the company’s Training  Contract, with a statement of salary, employment benefits and period (if any)

Photocopy of proof of financial standing

All documents submitted must be in English or Chinese or translated into such.

What are the Benefits of the Hong Kong Training Visa?


1. The applicant will be eligible to bring his immediate family and dependants with him/her to Hong Kong. This includes a spouse and unmarried children under 18 years of age.

2. Dependants are enabled residency, employment and study in Hong Kong, as applicable.

3. The applicant can reside in Hong Kong and receive training for normally up to one year time period. In this time, employees and applicants will be able to further their skill sets and specialize in their fields, which will benefit their work in Hong Kong for foreigners.

With a Hong Kong Training Visa, you are eligible to bring your immediate family and dependants to Hong Kong.
Renew your Hong Kong Training Visa with Links HR Outsourcing, it will enable you to pursue training for up to one year.

Hong Kong Training Visa Renewal Details


If your application for a Hong Kong training visa is successfully granted, it will enable you to pursue training in Hong Kong for up to one year. However, a Hong Kong training visa does not grant or aid any long-term employment visa for work in Hong Kong for foreigners.

Once the prescribed time period of training has been completed, the Hong Kong Immigration Department will normally not issue or accept any long-term Hong Kong employment visas or work permits to employees. It is rare for Hong Kong training visas to be renewed. 

More Questions about Training Visa?

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