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Looking to revamp your business with technological solutions? Or want to keep up with the latest digital trends to optimise your business? Links Technologies can help you realise it!

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Technology Speeds Success

Links Technologies Innovates Breakthrough in Asia

Links International started off in the HR industry with a focus on the Asia market. We saw the need in Asia for an all-encompassing HR platform and created Links One.

Links One empowers professionals in Asia to own their data by consolidating reports across countries in Asia. The platform is securely hosted on Microsoft Azure, featuring smart payroll dashboard capabilities, integration to leading HCMs, and many more.

Looking for one HR platform for all your payroll, leave, and benefits needs in Asia?


Digital Transformation

Keeping up in the digital age is increasingly challenging even for the savviest businesses. Links helps businesses form digital strategies and revamp their culture to encourage innovation. We optimise business operations by:

  • Fostering Employee Skills
  • Redesigning Operation Models
  • Improving Digital Channels
  • Executing Transformation Programmes


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Data Analytics & AI

Data is crucial for pinpointing areas of improvement and exposing potential issues. We help enterprises break down data to uncover untapped opportunities and concealed risks, allowing leaders to make smarter business decisions.

AI technology is poised to revolutionise the way businesses operate and will play an essential role in transforming the structure of organisations. With the growing trend towards AI adoption, Links can help position organisations to take advantage of all the benefits of AI.


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Innovation Services

Innovation determines a company’s ability to adapt and succeed in the constantly changing world. Organisation’s that lack innovation are at risk of becoming irrelevant. Links helps clients reinvent their workforce through education and training, designing a tailored solution to nurture innovation.

  • Fostering Employee Skills
  • Redesigning Operation Models
  • Improving Digital Channels
  • Executing Transformation Programmes


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Managed Services

Working on an IT Project? Need the talent to fill the skill gap?

Whether you are looking to optimise your business operations, implement new technology, or revamp your financial procedures, our expertise can find you the right talent and build a bespoke programme to solve your situation.


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Technology Consulting

The advantage of recognising upcoming technological revolutions is becoming increasingly important for long-term business success.

Links has a strong track record of identifying and advising leaders in the application of technologies that will benefit them. We want to help you adopt the right technology unique to your business to help boost productivity and longevity.


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Cloud Solutions & IoT

Cloud technology is one of the most important technologies of the 21st century and the pandemic has accelerated its adoption in businesses. IT modernisation is vital and our extensive knowledge has been helping a large number of organisations improve their cloud capabilities to boost business efficiency, outcomes, scalability, and cut costs.

The connection between devices has become key to the way we communicate and operate. We help clients find solutions to increase connectivity and increase agility. Links customises a plan to increase IoT capabilities, ensure security, and develop custom cloud-based solutions.


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Let Us Know What You’re Working On!

Create comprehensive IT strategies for your organisation and crush business objectives. Our strategic technology consulting services can streamline your operations, optimise your software portfolio, and make the latest technologies a part of your arsenal.

Why Leading Businesses Choose Links Technologies

Extensive Expertise


Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of sectors ranging from finance to healthcare. We can assist your organisation in its digital transformation to maximise business efficiency and boost productivity. We have partnered with over 100 businesses across a range of industries and successfully revolutionised their operations as we understand their needs.


Find Optimal Solutions


Do you have a project to complete?

We’re there every step of the way, from consultation to implementation, we will guide you to the successful completion of any tech project. Let us plan and manage your project to deliver optimum results that are cost-effective and efficient.


Rich Experience


With over 20 years of experience, our team has worked with 70% of the top banks in Hong Kong and over 50 We keep up to date with market trends to help you prepare for the uncertainties of the future by strengthening your core business.

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