One HR and Payroll Platform for 20+ Locations Across APAC Including Hong Kong!

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One Solution for All Your HR & Payroll Needs

Hard time managing and approving payroll across multiple countries? Want to give your employees the best-in-class HR experience? Need a single HR support provider across the Asia Pacific Region? With Links One, you no longer need to juggle between different local payroll providers. Featuring consolidated reporting, smart payroll dashboard capabilities, time and roster management, and integration to leading HCMs, Links One is the one HR & payroll solution that grows with your company, be it in Hong Kong or across Asia.

Managed by our professional Payroll Specialists with local compliance assistance and hosted on Microsoft Azure, Links One lets you access payroll reports with confidence.

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View & Approve Your Asia Payroll on-the-Go

One Solution to Manage Cross-Country Payroll in All of Asia

Review the Status of All Your Payroll in the Region

Manage your payroll across Asia on a single platform with visibility over essential data for accurate and timely handling.

  • Clear oversight over payroll completion status across the APAC region;
  • Transfer payroll data securely via Links One;
  • Automated due date reminders to ensure payroll is completed on time;
  • Manage and approve payroll straight from the payroll dashboard;
  • Avoid errors and delays in your payroll.

Supported by Links’ 100% in-country HR team, you won’t have to worry about missing employee payments, radically streamlining your operations from the ground up.


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Best-in-class HR Experience for Employees

Single Dashboard & App for Employees Across the APAC Region

Dedicated HR Employee Self-Service Portal for the Asia Pacific

Links One features an intuitive design and multi-language support so your staff can easily manage their own data and modify personal details, helping you keep everything up to date!

  • Align your employees’ experience across the region with one HR platform and interface;
  • Empower employees to manage their own data;
  • Enhance employee experience with desktop, mobile, and app access;
  • Quick entry to payslip downloads, taxations documents, apply for leave and claim expenses;
  • Microsoft Teams integration, with access to payslips, tax forms, and leave directly on Teams.

Cut Down on Administrative Burden

Implemented correctly, employee self-service can drastically cut down the administrative burden on your HR staff and payroll teams. Harness the power of information by minimising errors and streamlining your operations today with Links One.

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Workforce Asia – Time & Roster Management

Streamline your workforce management with easy roster building and time tracking. Track your employee’s standard and overtime working hours with the time and attendance feature. Monitor attendance in real time, ensure compliance and workforce efficiency. With the roster management feature, you can streamline your operations by ensuring the right people are assigned to the right tasks at the right time. Optimise resource allocationminimise scheduling conflicts, and enhance overall productivity.

The Ultimate Employee Experience

  • Efficiently clock in and out using QR code via mobile app or desktop – no need for specialist time tracking hardware
  • One single dashboard for employees to track: time worked, overtime hours, annual leave, upcoming shifts, payslips, tax forms, and expenses
  • Instant notification of shift changes, releases and leave applications made in Links One
  • Easy accept, reject and shift swapping of assigned shifts according to availability
  • Multiple language support

Workforce Management that Elevates HR

  • Single workforce management portal for all of your employees across Asia
  • Powerful consolidated reporting and approval of time attendance, overtime and payroll
  • Quickly create rosters using less clicks with our rapid roster building
  • Flexibly control employee’s OT hours, auto acceptance of shifts, OT pre approvals, and grace periods based on site or company rules
  • Fully integrated with Links’ Award Winning Payroll Services


ISO 27001 Compliant & Secure System Hosting

Industry Leading Security + Single Sign-On & Multi-Factor Authentication

Preserving information security is a critical part of our business, helping you protect your employees’ personal information and company data.

Links One goes through extensive penetration testing to ensure user security so your employee’s can access data and update personal information worry-free. With Links’ robust IT infrastructure, clients are ensured to have the highest level of information security.

  • Regular vulnerability and penetration testing
  • ISO 27001 & GDPR compliant processes
  • Microsoft Azure hosting infrastructure
  • Robust data integration infrastructure 
  • Multi-factor authentication ready
  • Single Sign-On ready
  • Automated continuous testing and monitoring
  • Robotic process automation
  • Desktop & mobile access


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Consolidated Regional HR Reporting Solutions

Manage HR and payroll from one system. Get a consolidated view of your Asia HR and payroll in real-time and gain insights through Links One’s integrated reporting center. Build effective HR strategies through custom reports with the ability to download information in batches. Our reporting system covers leave, taxation, and more!

  • HR Payslips
  • HR Taxation
  • Company Data Report
  • Employee Data Report
  • Regional Payslip Data
  • Payslip Variance Report
  • Commission Report
  • Over-Time Report
  • Leave Balance Report
  • Leave History Report
  • Diversity Reporting
Payroll Power BI Dashboard

Robust Data Structure & 3rd Party HR Software Integration

Links One Grows with Your Company, Connecting with Your Existing Tools & Systems

Now with Links Integration Hub technology, you can efficiently manage, track, and compare data without jumping in and out of different systems, allowing you to oversee key operations.

Robust data integration with:

  • Payroll solutions
  • Time & attendance
  • Existing time clock devices
  • Workforce & third party solutions
  • Leading ERPs
  • Global HCM platforms
  • Third party human resources management systems
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Elevate Your Role with Links Payroll Outsourcing Services

Want to focus on strategic functions that aid business growth? Learn how Links Payroll Outsourcing can help reduce HR costs with our stress-free payroll services.

Drive People Strategies – Get More From Your HR and Payroll System

Links One helps your business drive smart people strategies. Visualise key HR metrics and identify HR trends in your business. Links One is a fast, simple, and cost-effective way to streamline your HR function in Asia.