Best Out of Office Message Examples

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Setting out of office messages and auto-replies when you’re on leave is a demonstration of your professionalism. Failing to inform others that you’re out of the office is a big problem, especially when you’re dealing with clients.

Effective communication comes up time and time again as one of the key challenges in the workplace. Minimise uncertainty with a simple out of office message. After all, there’s little that’s more frustrating than when a message is dismissed or has seemingly gone into a black hole.

Craft an effective out of office message with one of our templates. Here are the key elements to a good out of office email:

  • Key dates
  • Reason of absence
  • Alternative contacts

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How to Set up Automatic Out of Office Replies on the Top 3 Email Platforms:

Microsoft Outlook– instructions for setting up automatic out of office replies from Outlook

Learn more:

Gmail – instructions for setting up out of office or vacation reply

Learn more:

Yahoo Mail– instructions to turn vacation response on or off in Yahoo Mail

Learn more:


You should note that out of office messages does not replace the need of informing your immediate team that you’ll be away.

Pro Tip: You may consider setting a different automatic reply email for people inside your organisation and people outside ie. clients. This way you can both drive traffic as well as inform your teammates of essential contacts and information.