Streamline your processing & management of employee data

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What Is Employee Data Management?

Your data management solution should act as your single-source-of-truth. But managing data is often complicated and time-consuming. 

Employee data management services are designed to help you streamline the processing and management of your employee data enabling you to focus on strategic value-adding initiatives. Managed by dedicated data administration professionals leveraging our RPA based technology and ISO 27001 certified Standard Operating Procedures, employee data management supports you in streamlining and securing your organisation’s employee data processing. 

Immediate benefits of employee data management:

Secure Your Employee Database, Eliminate Risk of Individual Error and Data Contamination

Do you manage an overwhelming amount of employee data that needs to be cleaned, updated, and organized? Manage your employee database without devoting additional manpower!

Having a single-source-of-truth for all your employee data is all you need to effectively manage your organization’s personnel information. But your journey from unstructured to structured data can be a steep one, especially if your organisation has many silo data sets.

Set up, manage, and maintain your employee data with Links professional Employee Data Management services. Eliminate data contamination and safeguard critical information with support from Links’ data administration professionals

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Empoyee Data Management Process Flow

Links’ Professional Employee Data Management

Secure data protection and ensure data privacy. Links International’s Employee Data Management services enhance your organisation’s operations. Our professional data administrators will help you set up, organise and manage your employee information, saving you time and keeping your data compliant.

  • Individual employee data changes
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Job change
  • Position management
  • Job re-classification
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Separations
  • Standard reporting
  • Creating HRIS accounts for new hires 
  • Interface to multiple applications

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