Why Make Employees Wait Until Payday?

It's Time to Rethink Payroll & Employee Financial Wellness - With On Demand Pay, any day can be a payday!

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On Demand Pay 

Attract & Retain with Employee Financial Wellness

Your people work hard for their money, so why should they wait?

On Demand Pay is a revolutionary technology that promotes financial wellness by giving you the ability to pay your employees at any time. No more waiting weeks or even months to get paid. On Demand Pay lets employees access their pay within 2hrs of applying via Links One. Improve morale and financial wellness of your workforce with Links’ Asia On Demand Pay!


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Employees Want Control Over Their Finances Through On Demand Pay


Employees Want Access to
On Demand Pay


*Source: Visa Insights 


Employees Would Change Jobs to Get On Demand Pay


Employees Spend Time at Work on Personal Finances Each Week


Employees Will Stay With the Company Longer if You Offer On Demand Pay

There’s a Better Way to Handle Your Employees’ Payroll Needs. Get On Demand Pay!

Empower Your Employees to Access Their Earned Wages Anytime, Anywhere. 


Unexpected things happen all the time. When they do, On Demand pay ensures that your employees have access to the money they’ve worked hard for. Protect your employees from predatory lenders by giving them access to their earned wages before default payday at little to no cost on their end! Put stability back into the lives of employees, help them manage their finances better, increase employee engagement and curb turnover rates.

Boost your business with Links On Demand Pay

Start helping employees manage their financial well-being. Give your team the freedom and financial security they need from On Demand Pay. Learn more about how it works!

Have Questions About On Demand Pay?

Earned wage access (EWA) or On Demand Pay lets employees make any day a payday! It lets employees access their earned pay anytime within the pay cycle promoting financial wellness. With the ability to access earn wages before the default payday, employees gain greater control over their finances.

95% of employees want access to on demand pay as it’s an effective way to keep their finances under control. Companies offering earned wage access or on demand pay have higher retention rates, employee engagement, and productivity. Talent acquisition and retention also benefit as research shows that 79% of employees indicate they would change jobs to get on demand pay.

Any client using Links Payroll services will have the option of adding Earned Wage Access to their employee system through Links One. Feel free to get in touch with one of our representatives to learn more about the implementation process.

Access your earned wages directly from the web portal or Links One app. You’ll see how many hours you’ve worked, what your current earnings are, and how much money you have available to transfer directly from the system.

Unlike other providers in the market who takes 24-48hrs to process early earned wage access, Links On Demand Pay lets employees access their earned wages within 2 hours of requesting it via the Links One platform.

Links One automatically sends payroll information upon request giving employees the ability to view their paystubs, check their balances, or even request an early withdrawal if needed.

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Yes! In fact, implementing On Demand Pay can increase compliance by encouraging employees to do their timesheets.

Consider this, if your employees knew that they could access their wages early only if and when they have filled out timesheets. That filling their timesheets was the only way to update their earnings. They would be a lot more motivated to keep timesheets up to date and avoid submitting empty timesheets.

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On Demand Pay is not a loan. The way it works is to give employees early access to earned wages. No interest or fees are paid to the employer and instead, a small processing fee is paid by the employee.

It is crucial that employees understand both the intentions and limitations of this process when implementing On Demand Pay. Employers need to take the necessary measures to properly communicate On Demand Pay to employees.

ISO 27001 Compliant & Secure HR Outsourcing

You take your employee data seriously. We do too! Information security is a critical part of our service. We ensure our clients enjoy the highest level of protection through robotic process automation and continuous automated testing. Links has put in place robust IT infrastructures, ISO 27001 compliant processes, and secure business continuity measures to ensure your employee data stays protected.

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One Solution for All Your HR & Payroll Needs

Managing payroll across multiple countries can be tricky. Businesses are sometimes stuck with several different payroll providers as a result. This makes consolidated reporting, error tracking, and data comparisons very difficult. With Links One, you won't have to juggle between different local payroll providers. Backed by 100% in-country support service, it offers consolidated reporting, smart payroll dashboard capabilities, leading HCM integration and much more.

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