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Formed in 2010 and headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Lovisa is a ‘fast fashion’ jewellery brand operating a chain of over 800 stores globally across 32 countries.

Having made its mark as a top fast fashion jewellery brand, Lovisa’s mission was to continue bringing trendy and affordable jewellery to its customer base in 32 countries. Another key goal was to enhance the Lovisa experience that was fuelled by its expanding workforce of over 6,500 staff.

Lovisa, in pursuit of its aggressive global growth strategy, faced significant HR and payroll challenges as it expanded beyond its ANZ roots into the Asia Pacific region. The company had accumulated multiple payroll vendors and in-country solutions, resulting in a fragmented landscape that lacked flexibility, agility, and scalability. This mix of solutions led to disjointed reporting, a deficiency in modern employee self-service tools, and the omission of critical processes due to provider limitations.

To facilitate its ambitious growth plans, Lovisa sought a managed payroll services partner in APAC to enable a compliant and scalable platform capable of supporting its unique workforce needs across the Asia Pacific region.

By engaging Links’ services and deploying Links One in four initially targeted countries, Lovisa had the flexibility to expand its usage to additional locations in the APAC region as required. This deployment empowered Lovisa with modern, mobile-centric self-service tools for both employees and managers, including a Payroll Dashboard that facilitated the tracking and approval of regional payrolls.

Furthermore, the adoption of a long-tail managed payroll services model covered Lovisa’s operations in four key APAC locations, specifically Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. This strategic move allowed Lovisa to effectively manage its payroll processes in these regions while accommodating future scalability.

Additionally, Lovisa benefited from ongoing compliance guidance and advisory support, enhancing the company’s ability to navigate complex regulatory requirements, and ensuring alignment with best practices. This assistance was instrumental in assisting Lovisa’s HR and payroll leadership in maintaining compliance across its expanding APAC footprint.

In less than two months, Lovisa achieved a rapid onboarding and deployment of the Links One platform, swiftly consolidating vendors across four APAC countries and with plans for further expansion in line with its growth strategy.

This transformation modernised and improved the overall employee and practitioner experience while eliminating manual processes, reducing errors, and off-cycle payments in both payroll and leave administration. This overhaul enabled Lovisa to establish a compliant, turn-key pan-APAC payroll operating model, fostering agility and scalability to support its ongoing journey of growth and expansion.

Furthermore, Lovisa received valuable guidance in crafting compliant employment contracts tailored to specific pay-cycle requirements in select countries. This expert support ensured that Lovisa’s unique needs were met while maintaining adherence to local regulations and compliance standards, contributing to a smoother and more efficient global HR and payroll operation.

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