Asia-Centric Employee Assistance Programmes

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Is Employee Wellness Part of Your Workforce Strategy?

The Coronavirus crisis has changed our world, disrupting traditional working arrangements and in turn increased stress for employees globally which has forced many to adapt to a changing workspace. Companies in Asia were the first to be impacted and supporting employees to ensure their wellness and engagement has now become a baseline expectation.

Links International works with the world’s leading businesses to provide Asia-Centric Employee Assistance Programmes which are designed to promote Asia based employees’ wellness and help clients reduce costs associated with medical plans, absenteeism, reduced engagement and staff turnover.


Asia-Centric Employee Assistance Programmes

The Asian market is known for its stressful working conditions. Curb absenteeism. Drop turnover rates. And increase work performance with Links Employee Assistance Programme. Get in touch with one of our HR professionals today to learn more.


What is Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)?

Wellness & Outplacement initiatives are not simply a ‘nice’ thing to do, they significantly reduce cost.

Employee assistance programme or EAP is designed to promote employee wellness. It is a voluntary programme businesses offer to their staff providing short-term counselling and regular employee wellness activities.

Key benefits of EAP include lowered turnovers, increased employee engagement and higher brand loyalty. According to a study by Chevron, EAP significantly increased productivity. Employers saw a 50% improvement in job performance for employees after implementing an employer assistance programme.

Build positive organisations with Links EAP

Links Employee Assistance Programme provides professional counselling services for your employees. Help provide emotional support to employees coping with personal and workplace issues. Our Asia focused services are tailored to the local market, supporting your people where they need.

Why Clients are using Employee Assistance Programmes?

Business leaders in Asia now recognise employee support as an effective solution to increasing employee engagement and reducing cost. They understand the importance of walking with their staff when it counts the most. And through this, build permanent bonds and lifetime loyalty.

Harvard Business Review concluded that money spent on well-designed programs lead to an ROI of approximately $2.73 for every dollar spent. Key benefits include reduced medical costs, reduced absenteeism, increased engagement, increased retention.

Be it work pressure, individual, or crisis management matters, companies who decide to support employees can play a life-changing role with EAP. For employees using these support services, EAP is an essential form of employee benefit promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace.


Attract & Retain the Best Talent with Links' EAP

Help employees deal with stress without increasing your human resources department’s workload. Outsource the responsibility to Links.

Links has been serving businesses in Asia for over 25 years. Our professional consultants can help advance your brand.