Recruiter On Demand


Win Over the Best Talent from Your Competitors

Start curating your employee touch points and stop losing your best people to the competition.

Have a Spike in Hiring?

Need to hire a lot of people in a tight time-frame? Business needs to change quickly and hiring needs often increase suddenly due to expansion, new contracts or talent shortages. Recruiter on Demand service is a modern approach for companies to cost-effectively solve talent shortages caused by a sudden spike in hiring.

Links’ Recruiter on Demand services provides you with a flexible recruitment team that quickly extends the reach of your company’s talent sourcing. It can also be disengaged easily once you have achieved your hiring objectives. Recruiter on Demand is perfect for clients who work in fluctuating markets or tight talent pools.

Need a Hand with Recruiting?

Business expansion leads to hiring spikes

A highly competitive talent market

Enhance organisational development with the help of professional onsite recruiters

Immediate access to advice from experienced recruitment experts

Cost-effective and flexible approach to short-term recruitment needs

Quick and flexible recruitment solution to increase internal HR resources

Extend employer branding reach and improve talent sourcing functions

Cost-effective approach to meet high volume recruitment demands

Performance guaranteed, finding the best match in the market

Onsite and offsite professionals utilize Links sourcing technology and database for best results