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Streamline your workforce management with easy roster building and time tracking!

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Nested in Links One, Workforce Asia lets users streamline workforce management with easy roster building and time tracking. Users can also track employee’s standard and overtime working hours. Employee attendance can be monitored in real time, ensuring compliance and workforce efficiency. With the roster management feature, employers can streamline operations by ensuring the right people are assigned to the right tasks at the right time. It’s time to optimise resource allocation, minimise scheduling conflicts, and enhance overall productivity.

Want to Simplify Your HR and Payroll?

Links One is Asia’s leading regional HR and Payroll Dashboard Solution that caters to all your HR and payroll requirements across Asia.

Providing Employees with the Ultimate Experience

With Links One’s latest feature, employees can:

  • Efficiently clock in and out using QR code via Links One’s mobile app or desktop without the need for a specialist time tracking hardware.
  • Utilise one single dashboard for employees to track:
    • Time worked,
    • Overtime hours,
    • Annual leave,
    • Upcoming shifts,
    • Payslips, tax forms, expenses.
  • Get instant notifications of shift changes, releases and leave applications made in Links One.
  • Easily accept, reject and shift swapping of assigned shifts according to availability.
  • Enjoy multi-language support including English, Hindi, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.


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Workforce Management that Elevates HR

Here’s how HR teams and managers can reap the benefits:

  • Single workforce management portal for all employees across Asia.
  • Powerful consolidated reporting and approval of time attendance, overtime, and payroll.
  • Quickly create rosters using less clicks with Links One’s rapid roster building.
  • Flexibly control employee’s overtime hours, auto acceptance of shifts, overtime pre-approvals, grace periods based on site or company rules.
  • Fully integrated with Links’ Award-Winning Payroll Services.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Workforce Asia

Yes, one of the key advantages of Workforce Asia is the effective management of overtime hours. Once the managers upload their shifts and roster for their employees, the overtime hours will be calculated automatically less off the employees’ scheduled standard working hours. Additionally, employees also have clear visibility of their overtime hours from their own logins, removing any ambiguity about their overtime on a monthly basis and allowing the managers and HRs more focus on other matters.

Yes, Workforce Asia can be accessed via the Links One mobile app, downloadable from the Apple App Store, or Android Play Store. The features to clock in/out, check work schedules, submit time-off requests, apply for leaves, view payslips and download their tax documents can all be assessed on the same.

Yes, as Workforce Asia is a Cloud-based solution, data on the mobile app or desktop is accessible anytime, as long as there is an internet connection via WIFI or data. Links is also able to set the data flow with immediate effect so users are able to view data and receive notifications (such as leave applicable approvals) real-time.

Yes, employers have a full view of the employees’ roster through the Workforce Asia Rapid Roster function. Assigned Managers will be able to set and upload the roster for their assigned employees using this function and employees will be notified about their assigned shifts.

A time and attendance system diligently monitors employee’s daily clock in and out, records their actual working hours as well as break times, and tracks their overtime hours against their actual working hours and rostered hours. Often times, the system also gives the management a clear visibility on the productivity levels of employees with these hours worked, which enables them to make decisions them to take proactive action for improvements.

No, Workforce Asia is one of the modules available on the Links One platform, Links’ flagship product.