Singapore’s Fourth Stimulus Package + Comparison Table

Singapore during COVID-19

At the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, Singapore was heralded as one of the safest places to be. After an outbreak among migrant workers in shared dormitories, their cases soared, and the economy took a hard blow. According to the Financial Times, without a vaccine in sight, the economy could shrink by up to 7% as a result of the pandemic.

Since February, the Singaporean government has announced several stimulus measures to soften the blow on the economy and protect businesses and employees. A comparison of these stimulus packages is displayed in the table below.

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Singapore’s Fourth Stimulus Package

On May 26th, 2020, Singapore announced the fourth of their stimulus packages which injected 33 billion SGD ($23.2 billion) into the economy (Source: CNBC). The purpose of this package, similar to the ones before it, is to support businesses and employees who were severely impacted by the pandemic.

According to CNBC, this package will total Singapore’s fiscal injection to nearly 100 billion SGD; that’s 20% of the country’s GDP! This money is derived from 52 billion SGD of fiscal reserves which are estimated to be worth over 1 trillion SGD. 

Singapore COVID-19 Stimulus Packages 2020

TOTAL AMOUNTS$6.4 billionS$48.4 billionApril 6: S$5.1 billion
April 21: S$3.8 billion
S$33 billion
AMOUNT DRAWN FROM RESERVESS$17 billionS$4 billion of the S$5.1 billionS$31 billion
HEALTHCARE SUPPORTS$800 million health care package
BUSINESS AND WORKER SUPPORTS$4 billion for businesses and workers, Job Support Scheme to subsidise S$3,600 of workers’ monthly wagesJob Support Scheme increased to 25% of the first S$4,600 of workers’ monthly wages for a 9 month period. Increased by 50% for food services and 75% for tourism sectorJob Support Scheme continues. Foreign worker levies waived. Covid-19 Support Grant given to those who lost their jobs due to pandemicJob Support Scheme extended. Job creation of over 40,000 jobs. S$800 million to Covid-19 Support Grant
HOUSEHOLD SUPPORTS$1.6 billion for households including a cash-payout of S$100-S$300 for adultsCash payout to adults raised to S$900Additional S$300 handout to adults. Property owners pass on tax rebates to tenants
POLITICAL MEASURESCabinet ministers and poltical office members take a 1 month wage reductionCabinet ministers and political office members increase pay cut to 3 monthsS$13 billion in the Contingencies Funds so the govt. can respond quickly to developments arising from the pandemic

Singapore shows continuous support to their economy through multiple stimulus packages

As seen above, there are a series of measures that the government is putting in place to stabilize, stimulate, and support the economy throughout the pandemic.

Fourth Stimulus Package: Summary

To elaborate on what is seen in the table, the fourth stimulus package specifically aims to support businesses and workers:

  • Jobs Support Scheme
    • Extended by one month and agreed that firms which cannot reopen (such as gyms, cinemas and shops) will receive 75% wage support until they are able to reopen
  • Job Creation
    • S$2 billion towards the SGUnited Job and Skills Package thus creating:
      • 40,000 jobs
      • 25,000 traineeships
      • 30,000 skills training opportunities
  • Unemployment
    • S$800 million for the Covid-19 Support Grant, given to those who lost their jobs due to the pandemic
  • Foreign Workers
    • Waivers and rebates in foreign worker levy for companies in industries such as construction
  • Rent
    • Rental waivers and relief for small and medium sized enterprises

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