Development and Learning in Recruitment – Employee Stories

Maggie, our Associate Recruitment Director has spent the past 3.5 years at Links International building and developing a team of fast-learning recruiters. She shares that they started off by primarily placing their focus on the retail frontline of recruiting and have since diversified to technologies, financial and professional services, cryptocurrencies, NFT’s, and everything trending.

An ambitious, commercially savvy team, Maggie shares that she and her team go about their journey with the goal of helping clients go above and beyond – whether it’s helping a client grow their business or landing a job. She shares, “As a team, we strongly believe being in recruitment is rewarding as you’re constantly bringing people together and you’re making a difference in both the employer’s and employee’s lives.”

We asked Maggie what development and learning opportunities are there within her team. She explains, “When I first interview someone to join us, I make sure to actively listen to what it is they want to achieve in the long-run, personally and professionally. That way, when I onboard them, I can tailor a plan to help them succeed and progress in their careers. These plans differ for each team members. I could be training someone for tips on how to approach candidates today and tomorrow, I could be training someone on time management, and next week, I could be speaking to someone about business development – it varies. “Team catch up’s give me the opportunity to understand my teams challenges and ramp up industry knowledge. I also work closely with the RnD department as well. I’m always encouraging them to regularly ask questions – you never know what you’ll learn today, am I right?”

The typical process Maggie follows to ensure success with her team, in order is, discussing the changes in the market, how we can identify them, creating a plan, executing it, and being supportive of one another. During these meetings, we spend time discussing how we can further expand our services as we’re continuously looking to grow. We’re continuously discussing how we can grow as a business!”

Maggie explains, “As for me, so much has changed from when I first joined! I started my journey with a team of 4 people and now I work with 15 people across the region. I’ve learnt to prioritise being there for my team by taking up more opportunities on the job the past 3.5 years. It’s inspiring to see other team leaders in the company doing the same – which is a motivational factor for me, as well. It’s incredibly satisfying for me to see people get better at what they do – we’re all about learning and growing around one another.”

Lastly, Maggie shares that once the goals for the quarter have been achieved, she makes sure she takes her team out to celebrate! If you want to be a part of a team that’s all about supporting one another, come join us and put your skills to good use as we’re actively hiring! Apply at or send your CV directly to Grace Wong at