Easy Career Change that Pays Well and Lets You be in Charge? Try Recruitment!

Career Change at 30? 40?                                

Looking to change careers but not sure what to get into and don’t want to waste your years of experience?

Switching careers can seem daunting, but knowing when to walk away, and what opportunities to take is crucial to your success. 

The key to succeeding in changing your career is taking your prior experience into account and applying it to your new endeavour.  

The advantage of changing careers in your late 20s, 30s, or even 40s, is that you have already gained a wealth of knowledge and network. Not only that, but many of your skills can and will be transferable to a new career, given the right choice.

Easiest High-PayingMidlife Career Change to Restore Control & Autonomy in Your Life?

One of the advantages of a midlife career change is that you’re already a pro. 

So is there a job outside your current scope that allows you to lean directly on your years of experience rewards you financially? There is, it’s recruitment!

But perhaps some of you may ask, isn’t recruiting a stressful job, why would I want to get into it at this point in my career?

Indeed, recruitment gets a bad rep for being a stressful job, but the hardest part of being a recruiter is learning the trade and building the connections in the market that you are hiring for, which is why it makes for such a good opportunity for anyone looking for a change later on in life.

If you already have a good grasp of an industry or trade and have and eye for talent, recruitment can be an easy way to multiply your earning potential and bring in the big bucks.  As a seasoned worker, you can leverage your industry knowledge, connections, and skills to succeed in building a rewarding career in recruiting. This means greater job security and control over your career!

How Much Should You Earn?

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Benefits of Working in Recruitment

  • Attractive Base + bonus 
  • Flexible working environment 
  • Take charge of your career! 

Dynamic & Rewarding Career

Tasks can become repetitive and opportunities to grow diminishes after working in the same industry for a while. As an agency recruiter, the role is a lot more dynamic, exposing you to more people and businesses, tasked with the responsibility of making an impact in people’s lives. This gives you more opportunities for growth and when you help a candidate find the right job that translates to meaningful contributions.

Flexibility to Define & Grow Your Trade

Does your job still require you to commute to work from Monday to Friday and be there from 9 -6 every day? In recruitment, you have the flexibility to take ownership of what you do. This means the freedom to schedule your work around your life and take charge of your career. 

Since recruitment covers a wide range of elements including talent acquisition, business development, account management and more, you can afford to press into areas where you gravitate towards and find success. 

Generous Incentives for Hitting Targets

Are you fulfilling your full potential? Rewarded for what you do? In recruitment, there are tangible goals to promote personal development. This ensures that you’re on the right track and allows for quick career progression. Not to forget, we also have clear commission schemes so your performance is always reflected in your pay cheque.

Successful Career in Recruitment without Experience?

At Links, we understand that relevant experience can come in many forms, so we’ve opened our scope to allow individuals of different trades and backgrounds to join our recruitment team.

Links provides one of the market-leading commission schemes and we equip our recruiters with comprehensive training, resources and support to help them succeed in building their careers.

If you’re curious to learn more about our recruitment hiring or would like to know more about Links, visit https://linksinternational.com/about-us/work-with-us/.

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