Learning to Grow a Team – Employee Stories

In the industry for 15 years now, Winnan Leung has spent time building and continuously growing high performing teams of recruiters across the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. A team manager who strongly believes in a work-life balance, Winnan continues to deliver executive level projects within E2E Supply Chain and HR Solutions.

Winnan recently joined us as an Associate Director at Links International, and so we spoke with him to learn how he plans to support and grow his team. He tells us how being a recruiter comes with a long list of perks – from every day bringing a new lesson to becoming a strong networker in the industry.

Why did you choose Links for your career in recruitment?

“I’m able to provide more than just recruitment to my clients and to me – that’s a bonus! There are several services at Links like Links One or Links on Demand Pay which gives me the chance to provide different solutions to clients that need them. Ultimately, this gives them the chance to trust us more! Any knowledge we pass over – is a benefit for us. I’m able to also provide them with HR solutions, payroll solutions – and bring something different to the table,” Winnan explains.

Winnan also shares that, “There is plenty of room for me to grow my network at Links! Building my network is one of the best things about being in recruitment – you never know how far these personal connections will bring you. You know what they say – the more extensive your network, the easier to place clients, and ultimately – the more opportunities for learning.”

Tell us a little more about your specialty – Sourcing, Supply Chain & Manufacturing. Where do you think the market will stand in the near future?

 He starts by explaining, “Due to the global pandemic, all 3 markets have been heavily disrupted on a global scale. However, when you look at the bigger picture, the need for all 3 is always going to be there – it remains consistent in revenue and is a steady provider. Simply put, without supply chain – we wouldn’t be able to buy things.

In a recent market analysis report by the Grand View Research, the supply chain management market size globally was valued at USD16.64 billion in 2021 and is expected to continuously grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10.8% from 2022-2028 – showing the massive growth it will continue to entail in the next 6 years. Another report by Research and Markets explains that the growth for the industry comes from the increase in demand for greater efficiency and transparency in the supply chain.

Winnan shares, “Roles in the following industry vary. We could be hiring for a purchasing agent one day, an operations manager the other, and a logistics director the next day. No matter what position you’re in, there’s a certain sense of satisfaction you feel knowing that you’re helping the world at the end of the day by providing products and services to the people who need them. It’s satisfying for us as recruiters and for employers and employees both.”

What is your idea of growth within a team?

In recruitment, Winnan explains that success is driven by successful client placements which always brings a feeling of satisfaction to the desk. He shares, “I’ve been a manager for 8 years now, and seeing my team members develop professionally, personally, and monetarily is what being in recruitment is all about. Working with like-minded individuals is key for a continued team growth!”

He explains that he carries a hands-on approach when managing a team. “I’d prepare directional guidelines for the team and bring to the table the different directions we need to follow to hit targets.” He adds, “It’s always crucial to have the flexibility and take the time out to truly understand what clients want. Eventually the results we reap leads to growth within a team.”

Winnan adds, “It may seem like the thing to do – but the happiest team members are the ones being recognized for their efforts. I strongly believe this contributes towards growth within a team. No matter how small or big the recognition is – a small gesture goes a long way. Additionally, communication is key when trying to achieve growth. I try to stay transparent whenever it’s necessary. I present clear team goals. And most importantly, I listen to what my team members want.”

What is your idea of an ideal workflow?

“Prioritizing, optimizing and monitoring,” shares Winnan. He stresses how important it is that he guides his team on learning how to prioritize what tasks are important and which ones can wait. Optimization comes next – doing the job, putting in the extra time to get to know clients, listening to what clients want. Finally, monitoring by keeping in mind questions such as:

  1. Are we reaping results?
  2. Are clients satisfied with us?
  3. Are we satisfied with results?
  4. Are we reaping profits?

How do you encourage your team to maintain a work-life balance?

Winnan shares, “By being a work-life balanced manager myself. My team looks up to me and it’s important that I consider that each time I encourage something. If deadlines and expectations are being met, I’m happy to keep the team flexible. Other quick tips I can suggest improving a work-life balance include:

1. Taking breaks

2. Communicating boundaries

3. Making use of lunch breaks / coffee breaks

4. Investing in relationships” Want to be part of an organisation that can provide you with an abundance of career growth opportunities? Come join our ever-growing team of dynamic individuals today as we’re actively hiring! Apply at https://linksinternational.com/about-us/work-with-us/ or send your CV directly to Czarina Tam at czarina.tam@linksinternational.com.