Navigating Career Opportunities in Life Sciences – Employee Stories

We recently caught up with Michael Chu, Regional Practice Head in Recruitment for Life Sciences, Business and HR Support at Links International. With over 10 years of experience in Life Sciences and well regarded in the industry , Michael shared valuable insights into his role as a Leader in the field and shed light on some lesser-known facts about the Life Sciences industry.

How can we see the Life Sciences industry developing over the next few years?

When asked what he thinks of the prospect’s life science has in the future, Michael said that things are looking good. “We’ve seen some big pharmaceutical names enter Hong Kong recently – Moderna has made its way into the Hong Kong market to expand its commercial presence in Asia and developed the region’s health care market. We’re now witnessing even more strategic collaborations across HK and the GBA. For example, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP) and pharma/diagnostic giant Roche have plans to build a platform here to support biomedical innovation startups.”

“This goes to show what kind of potential Hong Kong life science market has. Ultimately, the goal is to develop the Greater Bay Area into a life science hub. On the talent side, Hong Kong has made 130 job offers to doctors in Britain and welcomed 9 specialist doctors from the Greater Bay Area and 70 nurses from the Guangdong province to work at the Hong Kong public hospitals. HKSTP and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) have also opened a new ATP GMP centre to fast-track the cell and gene therapy (CGT) manufacturing industry in Hong Kong and the GBA. Once again, this proves that recruitment in life science can be lucrative”, he explained.

Why did you join Links – what made you want to develop your career here?

Michael believes that Links is an Asia’s leading HR service provider that offers him an incredible opportunity to tap into the thriving Asia market. The chance to work alongside industry leaders and experts within the company was a major draw for him to gain invaluable knowledge and experiences.

What are the opportunities he sees at Links?

At Links, he sees numerous opportunities that excite him. Firstly, the company offers him an incredible chance to enter the Asia market, opening doors to larger market, new business prospects and growth potential. He is thrilled about the prospect of building his own desk, which will empower him to shape his work and take ownership of his projects, allowing him to expand his responsibilities and contribute to the company’s success on a broader scale.

What is his Mission/Vision for the life sciences?

As a recruiter for life sciences, his goal is to connect talented individuals with meaningful opportunities in the industry. By understanding the unique needs and goals of both candidates and employers, he aims to facilitate successful placements that align with their mutual interests and contribute to advancements in Asia’s life sciences industry.

What excites you to come to work and what would you say your management style is like?

When considering building a high performing and sustainable business, Michael has a clear vision of building a highly skilled and motivated team. He recognizes the importance of enhancing the skills and expertise of the existing recruiters, enabling them to grow into senior and experienced roles. These senior professionals will be entrusted with overseeing the local market in each region, ensuring that our clients receive exceptional service and support.

Michael’s management style is characterized by authenticity and open communication. He believes in creating a supportive environment where team members can freely express their needs and concerns. By fostering collaboration and understanding, he empowers his team to work together towards solutions. Michael’s genuine approach to leadership sets him apart, ensuring a harmonious and productive work dynamic.

What other advice, if any, would you give to those looking for a career in Life Science recruitment?

Michael’s advice for those interested in pursuing a career in life science recruitment is to develop a strong understanding of the industry, including its trends, challenges, and emerging roles. This knowledge will help them better assess candidate profiles and match them with the right opportunities. “As the industry is constantly evolving, staying adaptable and open to learning will help them to enhance the prospects and unlock rewarding career paths in life sciences,” Michael said.

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