Links International Introduces Emerging Markets Payroll – 3 HR Providers Offering 100% In-Country Payroll and HR Support in 80+ Emerging Markets Across APAC, Africa and LATAM

Emerging Markets Payroll (EMP) is a payroll alliance of three specialist Regional Payroll Providers, Links International, Axiomatic and Payroll Worldwide who enable MNCs and Global Payroll and EOR providers to deliver their payroll & HR needs in 80+ Emerging Markets across APAC, Africa and LATAM.  

Scott Thomson, Managing Director of Links said the reason for forming Emerging Markets Payroll was “Axiomatic, Payroll Worldwide and Links were constantly hearing from MNC clients and Global Payroll and EOR providers that they had to use huge numbers of HR providers to support payroll needs in hard to reach Emerging Markets – sometimes as many as 50+ providers to cover 80 markets! We thought there had to be a batter way and so after an extensive due diligence process formed an alliance of 3 of the most reputable providers that could cover 80 emerging markets to drastically simplify MNC and Global Payroll providers supply chains.”

Emerging Markets Payroll

Who are the three specialist providers?

  • Links International – Links International was established in 1999, providing services across the Asia Pacific region in 20+ locations.
  • Axiomatic – Axiomatic was established in 2003, providing services around Africa in 44 locations.
  • Payroll Worldwide – Payroll Worldwide was established in 2007, providing services around Latin America in 14 locations.

What are the reasons to choose Emerging Markets Payroll?

  1. One Alliance for 80+ Emerging Markets: Enable MNCs and global payroll providers to go to one place to cover all their long tail populations across their emerging markets.
  2. Expanded Service Offering: Regional specialist providers can deliver a wider and deeper range of last miles services as a result of stronger in-country footprints and people on the ground.
  3. Data Security and Compliance: Enhance data security and compliance by significantly reducing the number of subcontractors processing sensitive data by leveraging regional providers.
  4. Simple Commercials and Accountability: Consolidated commercial contract and Services Level Agreement covering all emerging market locations.
  5. Delivering leading HR tech to all employees: Ability to integrate with leading HCMs including Workday, SuccessFactors and Oracle HCM.
  6. Reduce Time to Market: Efficient payroll setup leveraging 320+ local experts to effectively support your business in the world’s hardest to reach markets.

Which locations are supported under EMP?

Emerging Markets Payroll Locations

Emerging Markets Payroll is committed to bringing unity to standardise businesses payroll processes, ensuring a seamless journey. Contact EMP today for a free consultation: