General Manager: Job Description, Salary & Career Path

General Manager

General Managers are senior-level managers who oversee daily business operations in a team or firm. The General Manager is a key role in many companies. Responsibilities vary by industry and business, but a General Manager usually oversees the day-to-day operations of the business as well as the overall operations of the business at a large scale, with the ultimate goal of profitability. The role of the General Manager is vital to larger companies since they are responsible for many employees and must oversee employee performance.

On this page, Links Recruitment will walk you through the role of a General Manager: the job description, career path and salary range. For employers looking to hire a General Manager, we hope this page can assist you in generating an insightful job description for hiring your next General Manager and attracting quality candidates. For job seekers, you will learn more about the role, as well as the salary range and possible career paths as a General Manager.

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What is a General Manager?

The job description of a General Manager involves being a team leader and providing communication between all departments and other employees. They will be in charge of creating policies, managing growth and strategic decisions, managing budgets, and leading the overall business direction of the firm.

General Manager Job Duties & Responsibilities

The following activities and responsibilities are generally included in a General Manager’s job description:

  • Lead and work with different teams to ensure all the business/marketing plans run smoothly 
  • Manage growth and achieve business targets
  • Execute different business strategies to support company growth and business expansion
  • Oversee training and employee performance 
  • Evaluate performance, productivity and competitiveness 
  • Spearhead policies, strategies and directional growth 
  • Hire and train new staff to continuously grow the team and ensure employee retention
  • Manage budgets and sales revenue efficiently 
Job Duties

General Manager Skills & Qualifications

Working as a General Manager is challenging, so you will need the right skills and experience to supplement this job position. 

  • Senior-level experience is necessary. 
  • General Manager need to be highly organised, as there are different tasks and projects that need to be overseen and supervised. 
  • Good General Managers have strong work ethics, striving to motivate their team and employees to achieve their full potential. 
  • With strong leadership skills, General Managers are also caring, attentive and responsible professionals, who can work under pressure efficiently.
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General Manager Career Path

Education and training requirements vary by position and industry, but many top executives have at least a bachelor’s degree and considerable work experience. General Manager is a broad description, and many paths and industries which can be explored before reaching the title of General Manager. It is a senior position and many executives advance within their own firm, moving up from lower-level managerial or supervisory positions. Experienced hires are also common, but the candidates must also have had extensive experience in junior supervisory or management experience in a related field. As a manager, you are a leader of people. To be qualified for a General Manager position, it is necessary to demonstrate past leadership experience. A few titles which are often held before General Managers include Director of Sales and Marketing, Director of Finance, Director of Operations, and other Director-level positions.

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General Manager Salary Guide

SpecialisationNo. of Year ExperienceHong Kong Monthly Salary (HKD)Singapore Monthly Salary (SGD)China Monthly Salary (RMB)
Sales & Marketing, Retail & FMCG15-20100K+17K200K – 300K
Industrial Sector15+//60K – 100K
Property & Construction15+//130K+


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