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Applying Employment Visa in Hong Kong?

Considering working in Hong Kong or have found an employer based in Hong Kong?

What is Hong Kong Employment Visa?

Hong Kong Employment Visa is a special work permit for hiring skilled foreign employees. It enables employees the right to residency and employment in Hong Kong. There is no quota limiting the number of work visas under this scheme.


Who Can Apply for Hong Kong Employment Visa?


In order to apply for a work permit under the employment for professionals scheme, the following eligibility requirements apply:

  • The Hong Kong Employment Visa applicant should not have any criminal records.
  • The applicant must be of a sound educational background. It is preferable to have a relevant undergraduate degree or otherwise valid proof of other qualifications, certificates, abilities, achievements or work experience.
    Your employer or company must have an available job position for working in Hong Kong
  • You have confirmed your employment offer that is relevant to your background and experience and your employment position cannot be readily replaced by a local employee.
  • Employee fringe benefits and remuneration packages for employees working in Hong Kong ( income, accommodation, medical etc.) are on par with market standards in Hong Kong.

Documents Needed for Employment Visa Application

Completed Employment Visa Application Form

A copy of your Hong Kong identity card (if any)

A copy of valid identification of overseas residence

A copy of educational qualifications and relevant work experience

Passport - If currently in Hong Kong, a photocopy of passport page with latest arrival stamp/Hong Kong dependent visa extension stamp

Documents regarding the company’s background such as business activities, connections, membership of Chamber of Commerce (if any), etc. with documentary evidence such as catalogues, brochures, etc.

If the employer is a newly set up firm within the last 12 months, you must provide a detailed business plan with information on funding sources, estimated capital injection, business activities, expected turnover etc.

A copy of the company’s employment contract or letter of appointment containing information about your post, salaries, other fringe benefits and employment periods

A copy of proof of financial standing of the company such as latest audited financial report, trading profit and loss account, or profit tax return

Application for Employing Professionals in Hong Kong

A copy of the company’s Business Registration Certificate

All documents submitted must be in English or Chinese or translated into such

Application Procedure and Timeline

  • The application requires both the applicant and the respective employer or hiring firm to submit necessary documents for the Hong Kong Employment Visa and work permit application.
  • The Hong Kong Employment Visa and work permit application must be mailed together to the Hong Kong Immigration Department. 
  • You can expect the processing of the Hong Kong Employment Visa application to take around 2 to 3 months.
  • If the application is rendered successful, the Immigration Department will issue a Hong Kong Visa/Entry Permit label which must be collected from the Hong Kong Immigration Office in-person by the applicant himself/herself or on their behalf by a representative. 
  • The Hong Kong Visa/Entry Permit label should then be fixed on the relevant visa page of the Hong Kong Employment Visa applicant’s passport, which will then be valid for entry during arrival in Hong Kong. 
  • The standard validity of this Hong Kong Visa/Entry Permit label is a one year period.

Benefits of Hong Kong Employment Visa

  • In the event that your Hong Kong Employment Visa application is rejected or denied, the Hong Kong Immigration Department allows appeals to be filed with the authorities.
  • Successful applicants for the Hong Kong Employment Visa or Hong Kong work permit are also eligible to apply for the Hong Kong dependant visa, which enables the applicant’s immediate family (spouse, unmarried children under 18 years of age) residency, employment or study in Hong Kong, as applicable. 
  • If the applicant is under a valid Hong Kong work permit or work visa and has also resided in Hong Kong for a continuous seven years at a minimum, the applicant is eligible to apply for Permanent Residence, as applicable, and is thereby granted Permanent Residence rights in Hong Kong.

More Questions about Employment Visa?

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Details of Hong Kong Employment Visa Renewal


If you have already been granted a Hong Kong Employment Visa and have been working in Hong Kong and wish to renew your Hong Kong work permit, the process is simple and convenient.

  • Hong Kong work permit holders should apply for renewal by filing a renewal application at least four weeks before the applicant’s work permit stay expires. The application for a renewal of your Hong Kong work permit will only be processed if the employee continues to meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Once the renewal is granted, the standard for a Hong Kong work permit extension will normally be a 2 or 2-3 year pattern. Otherwise, the work permit extension can also follow the duration as stated on the applicant’s employment contract.
Temporary and contract jobs in Hong Kong

What is it Like to Work in Hong Kong?

Working in Hong Kong takes consideration and research beyond a Hong Kong Employment Visa application. The Employment Ordinance in Hong Kong provides eligible employees with benefits and protection, including paid statutory holidays and annual leave, sickness allowance, severance payment and employment protection. The Minimum Wage Ordinance has established the Statutory Minimum Wage scheme, which increased the minimum wage of low-income workers to $37.5 per hour since 1 May 2019. In the time period of May to June 2018, the median monthly wage of employees in Hong Kong was $17,500, an increase of 4%  compared with the same time period of May-June 2017 the previous year. 


The Hong Kong work visa is tied to a specific employer or hiring firm and therefore is not rendered transferable. In the event of an applicant’s wish to change employment yet remain working in Hong Kong, the applicant must complete and file an  “Application for Change of Employment” to the Hong Kong Immigration Department. The application for a change of your Hong Kong work permit will only be processed if the employee continues to meet the eligibility criteria. Once successful, the applicant must surrender his/her current work permit and replace this with the newly-issued one by the Immigration Department.

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