What is Job Requisiton?

A ‘job requisition’, often referred to as a job requisition form or simply a requisition, is a formal document or electronic request used within an organisation to initiate the process of hiring a new employee or filling an open position. It serves as a formal request from a department or hiring manager to the HR (Human Resources) department or recruiting team, indicating the need for a new employee, and providing essential details about the job vacancy.

Key components of a job requisition typically include:

Job Title: The official title of the position being requested. This title should accurately reflect the responsibilities and requirements of the role.

Department or Division: The department or division within the organization that is requesting the new hire. This helps HR or the recruiting team understand where the position fits in the organisation’s structure.

Job Description: A brief or detailed description of the job, including its primary responsibilities, qualifications, and any special requirements or skills needed for the role.

Reason for the Requisition: An explanation of why the position is needed. This might include reasons such as company growth, turnover, expansion, or the creation of a new role.

Number of Open Positions: Specifies whether there is a need to fill one or multiple positions with the same job title.

Reporting Structure: Indicates the position’s supervisor or manager and its position within the reporting hierarchy.

Budget and Compensation: Information about the budget allocated for the role, including salary or compensation details, if available.

Job Location: The physical or virtual location of the job, if applicable.

Timeline: The expected timeframe for filling the position, which may include a target start date.

Approval Signatures: Signatures or approvals from relevant stakeholders or managers within the organisation, indicating their agreement and support for the new hire.

Once the job requisition is approved and processed by the HR department, it typically leads to the creation of a job posting, candidate sourcing, and the start of the recruitment process to identify suitable candidates for the position. Job requisitions help streamline the hiring process by ensuring that there is a formal and documented request for a new hire, which helps HR teams prioritise and allocate resources effectively to meet the organisation’s staffing needs.