What is Outplacement?

Outplacement‘ refers to a service provided by employers to support employees who are being laid off, terminated, or experiencing job displacement due to organisational restructuring, downsizing, or other circumstances. The goal of outplacement is to assist these employees in transitioning to new employment opportunities and to mitigate the negative impact of job loss.

Outplacement services typically include a range of resources and support to help affected employees navigate the job search process and successfully re-enter the job market. These services are often provided by specialized outplacement firms or through internal HR departments.

Key components of outplacement services may include:

Career counselling: Individualised career coaching or counselling sessions to help employees assess their skills, interests, and career goals. This includes assistance in identifying potential job opportunities, exploring different career paths, and creating an effective job search strategy.

Resume and cover letter assistance: Guidance in creating or updating resumes and cover letters tailored to the specific needs of the job market. This may involve reviewing and providing feedback on the employee’s existing documents or helping them develop new ones.

Job search resources: Access to job search tools, online job boards, and databases to help employees find relevant job openings. Outplacement services may provide guidance on how to effectively utilize these resources and conduct job searches using various platforms.

Interview preparation: Training and support to help employees prepare for job interviews. This may include mock interviews, interview techniques, tips on answering common interview questions, and guidance on presenting oneself professionally during the interview process.

Networking assistance: Guidance on building and leveraging professional networks to uncover job opportunities. This may involve providing advice on networking strategies, attending networking events, and utilizing online networking platforms.

Skill development: Assistance in identifying and addressing any skill gaps that may affect the employee’s job prospects. Outplacement services may offer training programs or resources to enhance the employee’s skills or recommend professional development opportunities.

Emotional support: Emotional and psychological support to help employees cope with the challenges and emotions associated with job loss. This may involve counselling or access to support groups to address the emotional impact of the transition.

The duration and extent of outplacement services can vary depending on the organisation and the level of support provided. Some companies offer outplacement services for a defined period, such as several months, while others may extend support until the employee secures new employment.

By offering outplacement services, employers demonstrate their commitment to supporting employees during a difficult career transition. It helps affected employees navigate the job market more effectively, regain confidence, and find new employment opportunities more efficiently. Outplacement services can also contribute to maintaining positive employer branding and fostering goodwill among current and former employees. At Links, the outplacement services assist workforce transitions through professional assessment, stakeholder management, and professional staff counselling.