What is a Termination Letter?

A ‘termination letter’ is a formal document that is given to an employee by their employer to inform them that their employment is being terminated. Termination letters are typically used when an employee is being terminated for poor performance, misconduct, or redundancy.

A termination letter should include the following information:

The employee’s name and date of employment
The reason for the termination
The employee’s last day of employment
Any severance pay or benefits that the employee is entitled to
The employee’s rights, such as the right to appeal the termination
Termination letters should be written in a professional and respectful manner. It is important to avoid making personal attacks or blaming the employee for their termination.

Here are some tips for writing a termination letter:

Start by stating the employee’s name and date of employment.
State the reason for the termination. Be specific and provide any supporting documentation.
State the employee’s last day of employment.
Provide information about any severance pay or benefits that the employee is entitled to.
Inform the employee of their rights, such as the right to appeal the termination.
End the letter on a professional and respectful note.
By following these tips, you can write a termination letter that is clear, concise, and professional.

Here is an example of a termination letter:


[Employee Name]
[Employee Address]

Dear [Employee Name],

This letter is to inform you that your employment with [Company Name] is being terminated, effective [Date].

Your termination is due to [Reason for Termination].

You will be paid your salary through [Date]. You will also be entitled to [Separation Pay] and [Benefits].

You have the right to appeal this termination. If you wish to appeal, please contact [Name of Human Resources Representative] at [Phone Number].

Thank you for your service to [Company Name].

[Name of Employer]