How To Get Your Employees to Use Your HCM Properly

“Not enough people use our HCM well so we have to rely on manual spreadsheets – We can’t get quality regional reporting, let alone HR analytics!”

We work with a lot of APAC-based clients who use global HCMs like Workday, SuccessFactors, Oracle, and almost ALL of these clients say one of their biggest challenges is user adoption of the HCM…

How do I get my employees and managers to use the HCM properly so HR can leverage good data for reporting, HR analytics and ultimately achieve our HR transformation goals?

The level of HCM user adoption is of course driven in part by the quality of the implementation and the change management and including the below ingredients is critical to boosting user uptake:

  • Comprehensive training to staff – comprehensive training and change management with all employees should be carried out and should cover all the relevant features and functions of the HCM, as well as any relevant policies and procedures that are specific to each employee group. It’s also key to have either ‘champions’ and/or ongoing training to ensure that adoption continues as new employee onboard etc.
  • Communicate the benefits – Communicating the benefits of the HCM to your team will make them more confident in using it. Highlight the ways in which it can help streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency. Consider using case studies and success stories to illustrate benefits of adopting the HCM.

However, there is ANOTHER way that is extremely effective in making sure your employees use the HCM that most clients don’t think of…

Connect your HCM with payroll.

If you connect Workday, SuccessFactors or Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) with payroll you will see a MASSIVE uptake in your employees using the system!


Because team leaders and their teams will not get paid if they don’t use and update the system, and getting paid is a BIG motivator! 😊

The underlying reason for why APAC clients have this challenge with global HCMs like Workday, SuccessFactors or Oracle in APAC is that either they don’t support payroll in most APAC locations or their payroll solution can be relatively expensive if your population isn’t in the high 1.000s or 10,000s of employees. By connecting your HCM with payroll you can kill two birds with 1 stone:

Not sure where to start when integrating your HCM with payroll?  The good news is its very common and not hard!  One of the easiest and fastest ways to connect your HCM with payroll is to engage a payroll services company who has existing experience connecting global HCMs with payroll and can leverage their existing API or flat file integrations and provide best industry practices when it comes to making sure your HCM is a single source of truth and you have a quality integration.

Interested in how you can connect your HCM with payroll in APAC and make your HR transformation happen? Check out our integration guides below or contact us to chat through some of our recent success stories!

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