Links International: Certified SAP Implementation Partner

We are proud to announce that Links is now a certified SAP partner!

As a trusted SAP partner, clients can leverage Links’ professional team for payroll consultancy and implementation/integration services. Clients will also have the security of having a qualified partner to address any issues, fulfil any necessary requirements, and meet the quality standards to carry out any processes.

Our in-depth knowledge of SAP SuccessFactors and Asia Payroll allows us to deliver high-quality HR projects across the APAC region. With over 20 years of experience in providing HR services in Asia, Links has been voted Best HR Outsourcing Partner for 7 consecutive years and is recognised as a “Main Contender” in Everest Group’s Multi-Country Payroll Solutions PEAK Matrix® Assessment.

Our Links One multi-country payroll solution is built for Asia and based on a mobile-first approach, allowing us to help clients undertaking a digital transformation to integrate a single payroll solution with SAP and SuccessFactors and ultimately future proof their Payroll Solutions. To learn more about how Links can help you integrate your payroll with SuccessFactors, contact our team of experts now!

What Does It Mean to Be an SAP Partner?

SAP relies on an ecosystem of partners to make their solutions more relevant and attainable to companies. 

SAP’s partner program is different from others in that it measures partners beyond their revenue performance, giving businesses an added assurance. Satisfaction ratings, quality of work, and skill level are all taken into account in the certification process so partners are motivated to build stronger customer relationships rather than simply closing deals.

Why Work with An SAP Certified Partner?

Whether your business is currently using SAP or is looking to futureproof your HR function, you can do so through an SAP partner. Here are some advantages to using an SAP certified partner.

1. Local Expertise & Increased Practicality

For small and midsized (SME) customers in Asia, it may not be practical to work directly with a large company like SAP. Instead, it can be more convenient for you to work with an SAP certified partner who is located nearby, knows the local market, speaks your language, is rooted in the culture, and can easily navigate local regulations.

2. Solution Customised to Your Needs

SAP partners are essential in the development, extension, customisation, and enrichment of SAP’s technology platforms to deliver tailored solutions and experiences to clients. This is why larger enterprises, especially multinational companies (MNCs) in Asia who already have a pre-existing foundation and strategy, often find it easier to work with SAP partners as they are able to modify the solution to meet their company’s needs and structure.

3. Quality Assurance & Guarantee

Want to ensure that you’re getting the best quality service? SAP’s PartnerEdge program helps you do exactly that as SAP certified companies are required to commit their time, finances, and resources to meet stringent requirements, including skills assessments and evaluation checks. SAP partners must also adhere to ongoing training and operation requirements, giving you and your business an additional level of professional assurance.

Contact our team to learn how you can integrate your payroll with SAP SuccessFactors today!

How Can We Help?

Links International is a certified SAP PartnerEdge Silver Partner. We focus on streamlining HR by integrating SAP certified cloud and on premise solutions with 100% in country managed payroll, leave and benefits services in Asia. As one of Asia’s leading HR Outsourcing Technology Partner, we provide clients with 100% in-country service delivery, highly integrative solutions and user-friendly Payroll tech.

Our Links One multi-country payroll solution built for businesses in Asia is based on a mobile-first approach, allowing us to help clients undertaking a digital transformation to integrate a single payroll solution with SAP and SuccessFactors, helping them future proof their payroll solutions.

Learn how you can transform your HR today with Links International!

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