Links Employee Stories: Bringing Life to Work

A Path into Recruitment Consulting

Anson’s first job was doing sales in the industrial industry. He had contacted several headhunters, ambitious to develop this career but the roles that came back never felt suitable. Once during an interview, the headhunter raised the idea. He suggested Anson may be a great fit for industrial recruitment consulting, considering his knowledge and experience in the industry.

He decided to give it a try, seeing how this may be an interesting transition. Forward in time to today, Anson has been in the recruiting industry for over 9 years, and this year he joined Links International.

Employee Experience at Links International

Anson was previously responsible for recruitment at large human resources companies, including foreign companies, private companies, and joint ventures. He said that after years of experience in working with large companies, he wanted to challenge himself to grow. Seeing how Links’ human resources business was expanding with a unique network of service in Asia, Anson chose to join Links.

Having joined Links for nearly two months, Anson was most impressed by the culture at Links. He said what you’ll find here is that: Everyone has a high degree of trust between each other. Everyone focuses on growing the business. Immense care for employees-especially reflected in the response to this outbreak. With such a collaborative corporate culture, everyone is bound to soar high.

As a Manager, the Biggest Challenge Comes from Team Management

In Anson’s nine-year recruiting career, the biggest challenge lies in the collaboration between teams including different business units in the same region, cross-regional cooperation, and cooperation methods for large customers. 

Learning to maximise each other’s interests and to grow a culture of people willing to help each other has always been a challenge. 

“My role is to bridge the perspectives and ideas of the leaders from different teams.  As a manager, the company ’s interests must be the first point of departure. To think about it instead of their own small team, and then divide the work according to the team’s strengths, accumulation, and division of different functions. The weekly meetup evaluates the process, and the monthly meeting help analyse and adjust results appropriately.”, shared Anson.

Building our Future Workforce Together

We now have professional recruitment teams in the real-estate industry, TMT high-tech industry, consumer goods industry, and the life science industry.

Despite being affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, we are still seeing good prospects for the recruitment of TMT high-tech (communications, media, and technology) and life sciences (medicine, medical devices, hospitals, and health management).

In the short term, it is our goal to build a healthier team and run a step ahead of the market. Our long-term goal is to build Links in the field of intelligence, growing it into a comprehensive human resources solution partner, and expand the recruitment business in mainland China to RPO, BPO project outsourcing and staff placement.

“獵頭這個行業,適合結果導向、自信、雄心勃勃的人來做, 我們歡迎擁有這些特質的人加入連智領域Links International的家庭 ”

“The headhunting industry is suitable for result-oriented, confident, ambitious people to do it. We welcome those who possess these qualities to join the Links International family. “

Links Recruitment Shanghai Company Country Director, Anson Wang
Anson Wang Country Director Profile Photo

Bringing Life to Work

When talking to Anson about work-life balance, he had this to share.

“We all have many hobbies. For example, I like basketball, fitness, hiking, and movies. To expect a total separation between life and work is impossible. Especially working as a recruitment headhunter, it’s normal to call candidates after work. I would say, bring life to your work, and work to life.” 

“At Links, we’re in good hands where they work hard to create a comfortable working environment for us. From regular office space to standing work stations, our needs are cared for to ensure we achieve our potential. But on top of that, my advice for anyone would be to learn to enjoy your work and to give it life!”

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