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What Makes a Good Recruiter?

Strong resilience and a burning passion, these are two of the most important attributes a recruiter needs to be successful according to Maggie Chong, Links International’s Sales and Marketing Recruiting Manager. Recruiting can be a tough job for anyone who’s not up for the challenge, especially in a city as competitive as Hong Kong.

However, Maggie’s desire to help clients and candidates alike has allowed her to thrive in recruitment. In this episode of Employee’s Stories, we explore her experiences and thoughts that have helped her excel in the industry.

A Love for People Interaction

After graduating with a degree in Marketing, Maggie entered the global market research and media industry. Interacting with people came naturally to her and was particularly enthralling, allowing her to transition into recruitment easily. Her hands-on experience in sales and excellent knowledge in marketing gives her an edge when finding the perfect candidate for clients.

Recruitment places you in a situation where you have to meet and work with different people from all walks of life. Networking with such a wide range of individuals has enabled her to learn from an assortment of personalities and companies, helping her acclimatize to any situation.

Her self-drive, people skills, and adaptability positioned her perfectly to become a successful recruiter. Harnessing positive energy, she hopes her passion and qualities will rub off on members of her team.

Never Losing Connection to Sales & Marketing

Switching to recruitment in the sales and marketing function has allowed her to expand her insights and understanding. She is able to get the latest updates on sales and marketing in all industries, expanding her wisdom in her function.

This broad understanding has allowed her to tailor her service for different clients and find the most suitable candidates. Pulling the right individual from the talent pool is not an easy task, but Maggie’s expertise has enabled her to identify the needs of each client and customise her search to meet their requirements.

Impacting Lives and Laying the Foundation

“The best thing about recruitment is that you’re involved in shaping people’s career path.” – Maggie Chong, Links International Sales & Marketing Recruitment Manager.

To Maggie, being able to make a difference in people’s lives is the most attractive element to being a recruiter. Helping lay the foundation for candidates and watching them flourish in their roles is exceptionally satisfying. Aiding your candidate in landing their dream job and giving them the good news, is a feeling that will never get old.

Perfect Time to Take Advantage of the Talent Pool

In light of the current Covid-19 situation, Maggie sees ample opportunities for employers in the growing talent pool. The unprecedented situation has seen more outstanding talent available. Employers should take advantage and recruit the right people now as the situation starts to gradually improve.

Digital marketing jobs are likely to see strong demand in the near future due to the advancement of technology. The switch to online consumerism will very likely result in a higher demand for marketing experts in eCommerce, CRM, and data analytics.

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The Perks of Links International

Maggie began her career in a global recruitment firm before moving to Links International. Being a boutique agency, Links has provided her with more flexibility and autonomy. The close-knit work culture and friendly environment have allowed her to build a strong and capable team of experienced consultants.

Links have also been able to offer Maggie a wide range of services to package for clients. The extensive services Links offers, including payroll, employer branding, visa, PEO/EOR, and employee assistance programme, delivers a completely customisable bundle for clients. This is something a standard recruitment agency cannot offer.

With her being surrounded by professionals in HR outsourcing, she can tap into their specialist knowledge whenever required. The support from all fronts at Links International provides the platform for her to build a trusted partnership and genuine relationship with clients.

The dynamism of recruitment can be challenging and draining. It is important to wind down over the weekend to bring balance. Working with Links gave Maggie flexibility and a perfect work-life balance, so she could achieve her goals while enjoying the process.

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